Bid for Spanish Star Rejected

The father of Valencia midfielder, Juan Mata, has confirmed that Arsenal have made a bid for Juan Mata, and had it rejected.

“Valencia simply rejected their offer. After some hesitation they answered ‘no’ to the Gunners’ offer. “So my son remains a Valencia player, for now. But I don’t think it’s their last offer,” Rodriguez told calciomercato.

Juan Mata has also been linked to moves to other clubs across Europe as well, with Tottenham being a team that is reportedly interested.

“There are several offers for Mata and I think that Arsenal will come forward again. The situation is still evolving. “Are Inter Milan one of the interested teams? I know my son holds Milan in high esteem. We’ll see if Inter will come forward directly.”


7 thoughts on “Bid for Spanish Star Rejected

  1. keeping fabrigas and signing mata will be good for competition among the players which will have direct impact in the result.

  2. Ofcourse keeping Fabrigas and signing Mata could be good, but how can you keep someone who is no longer interested? wouldn’t that cause a negative impact?

  3. We r lacking ambition ourselves just lyk New Castle. We have become a joke of a team in the EPL. Wenger and the Board just cant see that they r taking this beloved team of ours to the grave. I wonder wat happened to wenger. He used to be a gud manager but he just changed from nowhere maybe bcoz he has been given too much powers at the club and he does not get any pressure from the board since the board are satisfied with the profits he makes 4 them after all the board is money hungry they dont care 4 the success of the club and the fans. Its high tym the fanz starts boycotting games lets see wat the board wl do. Am sick and tired of wenger and his board. How i wish Alisha was the major shareholder.

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