Top 10 Cesc Moments

Here are my top 10 Cesc moments with us.

10- Fabregas scores screamer against Man City.

9- Fabregas getting the captain’s armband.

8- His goal against Rosenborg in the Champions League.

7- His penalty against Barcelona to tie the game to 2-2

6- His penalty against Stoke in stoppage time.

5- Kissing the badge after scoring against Blackburn.

4- All of his interviews where he talked about his love for Arsenal.

3- His goal against Tottenham in 2007

2- His goal against Tottenham in 2010

1- His goal against AC Milan in the Chmapions League.

What is your favorite Cesc moment?


15 thoughts on “Top 10 Cesc Moments

  1. It is sad to see him leave….But Wht v should give imptnce to his desire too….Done great things for gunner.. .Thank u and wishing a gud future @ barca

  2. We dont (really) need 2 wage such wordings against a man that stood a legend in d club’s history following d departure of Thierry H. especially as did some of d club fans. Truth remains truth every where. But difficult 2 pronounce. I personally pray 4 Fabregas a fruitful stay @ barca and may this move serve as the prelude 2 his ascendence 2 d throne of world best player of the year. Tanx. A gunner 4 lyf.

  3. His two Goal against Aston villa in 2009….Fantanstic free kick…with superb placing within 21 minute…….dis is the best moment..even he just played d game with injury

  4. He has destroyed his charisma at Arsenal by forcing Wenger to sell him for a paltry amount. Legend my arse! He’s a glory-hunter like the rest of them…………

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