Thoughts on the Arsenal-Liverpool Game

Arsenal’s second game of the Premier League season ended in disappointment as Liverpool ran off 2-0 winners. Here are some thoughts on the game.

  • Frimpong is a beast. He may have been sent off, but that was mainly due to inexperience. Besides that, he was impressive. He came really close to scoring after a driving run, and always put in 110%.
  • Szczesny looks to be our number 1 for a long time, hopefully. He has improved from last season in many things, one of the most noticeable, his distribution. He saved brilliantly from Carroll and made a few important saves and catches.
  • Vermaelen is a rock. No disrespect to Van Persie, but I believe Vermaelen should be our captain. His will to drive forward was great to watch, and his defencive skills were outstanding, making a few important blocks.
  • Miquel looks like he can be good, or at least better than Squillaci. Coming on against Liverpool after 15 minutes to make your Premier League debut is tough, but I believe he did well. He showed good skill on the ball and his work rate was high. The only sour note was he might have done better on the own goal, but besides that, he was good.
  • We need a new Centre Forward more than a new defender. For the past few seasons, everyone has been calling out for a new, good defender, including myself, but ever since we started playing with one up top, we have been poor. Van Persie is a great goalscorer, but too many times he comes out to the wing and we have no players in the centre. Van Persie can’t play by himself up top, and we need a player who can score 20+ a season to partner him up front.
  • Nasri needs to stay for another season at least. Ramsey has excellent potential, as he showed against United last year, but he isn’t good enough to be our Fabregas yet. If Nasri stays, Ramsey can get experience and playing time while he doesn’t have the pressure of being our next Fabregas

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Arsenal-Liverpool Game

  1. The most sensible blog I’ve read here in a long time. Its not all bad then,except those who listen to the rubbish spat out by journos who have never kicked a ball in their lives and believe the crap.

  2. Gooner Cris………..really sensible article for once. Here are few other observationsÈ

    1) We are now a bit top heavy with quality wingers: Ryo, Walcott, Gervinho, Campbell but short on pure strikers like RVP. If we could get a player like Benzema, that would be the missing link.We also have Benik Afobe available and he is a real digger and driver.
    2) We have 2 potentially superb options in our youth ranks for midfield, Ozyaup and Lansbury.
    We need Nasri and Arshavin to get on board and with Wilshere and Ramsey back in form, we can start to control the kidfield again. I would agree to bring in an experienced international like Schweinstiger or Gourcuff but are they available and affordable?
    3) Our back four have been solid, especially Vermaelen and Jenkinson has been a pleasant surprise. Miguel will grow into a top class CB but my concern is with injuries. Gibbs and now Traore are already down, meaning Jenkinson has to play out of his usual position. IF we continue to have the bad luck we’re currently subject to or more injuries to the back 4, we will need a reliable option other than Squillaci. I was hoping we’d get Vertonghen but even a Cahill or Per Mertsesacker would be more than adequate.
    4) Song and Frimpong have proven they are driven,tough and very capable but they’ll need to cool their jets because the referees are looking to punish Arsenal however they can and these two lads are prime targets.
    5) I am looking forward to see OAC and Campbell play as both have what we need in spades. AW may be forced by circumstances to play them sooner and more often than he originally planned but c’est la vie.

    Overall I see us growing stronger over the season and with proper reinforcements, we could end up being the dark horse among the top 4. We will see what happens on Wednesday in Italy. If we remain in the CL then we’ll see Wenger spending more than usual to ensure we can go far in all competitions. If we are out of the CL, he’ll save his money for January.

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