Would Kaka Signing be Good for us?

Recent reports have linked us with a shock move for former World Player of the Year, Kaka.

With Nasri on the verge of joining City, and Fabregas gone, we lack quality in that position. Ramsey has potential, and lots of it, but can he be a Fabregas or Nasri this season? I don’t think so. Kaka has won lots of silverware, including the Champions League and scored 7 goals in 20 appearances last season.

So would Kaka be a good signing for us? Possibly. He hasn’t done great things for Real Madrid like he did for Milan, but he has what it takes to succeed with Arsenal in the Premier League.

Would you sign Kaka?


19 thoughts on “Would Kaka Signing be Good for us?

  1. to sign kaka is not a problem will can sign him but, what about hazard ?why wenger is too don to sign players dear is know time is just 8days to windom to close what is haping .

  2. kaka is an experience player let me tell kaka is more better than lampard or any other playmaker in england..so wilshere and song will be happy and they will contribute with him while thers at bench will be learning.if u remember wen they beat usa he used counter attack to win.

  3. we all wish to have a world class player but we can’t because of wenger (he should go, he was good but now his to bad to coach a club like arsenal)

  4. Singing KAKA is a good idea to cos Arsenal don’t have any Middfild again and Ramsey is not a Quality player. KAKA has won so many trophy in his carrie and also he is a Good and Quality player. Wenger is better for you to sing that KAKA please will the Fans need a Quality player and not a Quatity player thanks.

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