In Arsene We Trust?

Six years have past since Arsenal last won a trophy. Today, everyone can see it may be another 6 years before we have another trophy.

In my opinion, the first step we have to take is to sack Arsene Wenger. Time after time he has had money to spend but wasted it on players like Squillaci, Silvestre, Cygan and so on. Even after losing 8-2 against United, Wenger only said,

I am very open if we can find the right players. We have the money to sign players. If we find players who can strengthen our team then we will do it. But I am not the only one to work on the case, we have 20 people who are working on that. If we do not do it, it is because we don’t find them. We have plenty of players out today, too many players missing. We do not have the squad to compete when we have this many players out. At the moment, we have not found the solutions to our problems outside. When you look at today, you cannot predict how many players we have out. We did not expect to have Wilshere out, Diaby out, Gervinho out, Vermaelen out and Gibbs out.

We need top quality players, not Park Chu-Young or a 14 year old German who will sign for us when he is 16.

So the question is In Arsene We Trust? Leave comment below.


38 thoughts on “In Arsene We Trust?

  1. Fuck you you cretinous kanker on the ass of AFC……….you deserve to be called a monkey but NOt a Gooner! Was Fabregas a waste, Henry, Nasri, Arshavin, Wilshere, Vermaelen, Bergkamp, Frimpong, Szcesny, Ramsey, Sagna, etc.? You are so anti-Wenger you are blinded by your cretinous,moronic obsession with hating him………..go write for the Spuds….they’ll appreciate your lowlife,excrement you call an article!

    1. Thank you for your constructive criticism Totally Fucked Whiner. Believe it or not, I am a huge Arsene fan and would love for Arsenal to win trophies with him. All I am saying is in the past 6 years, he hasn’t done anything to improve the squad. I just feel he needs to leave for this club to move forward.

  2. Totally fucked whiner ,you are a donkey!why on earth do you think you are a better gooner than everyone? Learn to respect others.AW is clueless on how to take us out of this mess.we can’t keep living in the past.He has to move on now ,its better to rebuild ths team with a new manager.we are all hurt.every other manager in the Epl sees good players except Wenger.missing 8 players is not a good enough reason.we simply don’t have a good your eyes Whiner.we are a mid table team now.Wenger and board out!

  3. You can sign Messi, but if he is injured or suspended, there is nothing wenger or any manager, can do. If we lose with a full squad then I can understand all the need to fire people.

  4. Your not a Gooner but your most def a Monkey. Was Henry top quality when he signed? Was Viera? Was Van Persie? Was Petit? Was Vermaelen etc. Just wait until Park plays before you make judgement, other then that everything else you said was reasonable but whiny to say the least.

  5. Will we be better off Wenger?! Not at the moment. If antything getting rid of him will further destabalise the team and cause further detriment. So at the moment in Arsene we must trust.

    As fans, the team hasn’t needed our support as much as now. We need to keep the faith!

    Although seeing oportunities slip past to rivals and the increasing fustrations of no signings and ofcourse the five year drought. I do believe that there should be a change in policies – investment in youth, does it work? 5 years without a pot to piss in…

    What’s is wrong with offering more than 1 year for over 30’s? We might not of had the defensive problems if we held onto Gallas…plus we are not hilding on to our experience. WG10 only left because he was not given more than an year on his contract renewal. He was immense last season for the scum spuds.

    Wage structure – we cannot compete with the oil riches of Arabs and Russians. Na$ri doubled his wages by joining Man Shitty, at Arsenal he would have been the highest paid player if he did decided to stay with a wage increase offerred @ around 120-130k. I have no doubt that we can afford the 30-40-50 million trabfer fees, this is not the problem it is the player wages. No doubt Wenger tried to sign Mata we were ready to pay the transfer fee but as for the player wages he is probably getting more at Chelski. The descision is above Wenger, the decides what wages they can pay and beed to give more to Wenger to work with.

  6. there is know manager who will loose his best prayer would not like to buy. something is wrong somewhere. LETS BUYCUT ARSENAL GAME.

  7. seriously im tired of wenger tell-tales..a defeat can be swallowed but a trashing by Man Utd its pain..
    he can cited reason due to injurues n suspensions on players..but as an experience managers with vast of knowledge, he should know how thin is his squad n need for reinforcement..sadly he defiant n when he buys ..he buys potential
    youngsters..who r not ready mate for big clashes …so are we wrong to say dat its time for him to go!

  8. Count the shots on goal by both sides……I don’t think there’d be too much in it.
    Their finishing was simply as good as you could possibly see,ours wasn’t.
    Give credit to Utd,and to our kids who kept chasing til the finish….most did,anyway.
    You just can’t have 8 or 9 of your players out and expect to compete,especially with such a white hot opponent.
    Not one team in the league would have for near Utd today,and,as much as I hate saying it,they will bolt in with the league.
    3-3 at half time would have been fair…who knows what.would have happened.

  9. @rickygunner, i fully agree with you mate…./@Usman.. Firstly, you are talking about he hardly injured unlike our team every two matches two players gone injured.. Second, we all know, fans,pundit even a baby knows we need to replace cesc and nas but wenger the fucker still think whta he is doing is ri8.. You all say without wenger arsenal cannt be better.. When wenger came,did any1 know his name, so next manager cannot surprass wenger… How can you gurantee that?…

    1. Im sure we all appreciate what AW has done, he might have taken Arsenal as far as he can and it might need another manager to take us further!

      When times are bad, I don’t believe that it is best to get rid of the manager, how many teams go onto be successful in that same season? I dont think that now would be a good time. Cant imagine ua playing Championship football…

      If we do not invest in the team, if we do not sign any ‘experienced’ players ready to hit the PL running. Then I will say we will be in crisis…

  10. Now i see the reason nasri,fabregas and the likes left the club,they knew too well that wenger was not going to win anything again with arsenal,how can a top team lose their best players at the very starting of a new campaingn,its ridiculous,let im be sacked,and we be at the mid table this will still happen if he remains and lets see what comes out of that,lets just stop buying tickets,am sure they would respond to that

  11. Sorry, some i am clearing some confusion on my prev. Coment.. @usmam, i agree with you.. And 2nd coments @rob and to other fellow fans

  12. Even if Manure loses XI wouldn’t have lost so cheaply to Arsenal. Yes, I agree Wenger is clueless and doesn’t know how to solve problem he had created himself so he has to move on. Enough of arrogant manager who doesn’t have respect for the fans.

  13. guyz is there is anyone who can tell me how for the god sake we conceded 8 goals..??????? this Arsenal team not good enough to defend like small teams even if they are B team???…believe me totally something is wrong in Arsenal FC .it’s not about signings , the whole structure needs to be changed and i hope Winger knows too.

    by the way , fuck AW and fuck the board give players more wages to fight for us and bring world class players.if Arsene can’t find the right players then we need someone who can…No more “IN ARSENE WE TRUST”..from now on the trust has to bee earned…

    1. Simple – just field the team we did! Lack of experience, lack of quality, lack of finishing, lack of defence….

      but seriously 2 brilliant freekicks, 1 pen, two unstopbable curlers and the rest us history. Man UShited were on point with there finishing. We could not score even if we were in a brothel!

      We could not finish when we had a decent team last season dont see it getting any better unless we get a prolific striker and winger.

      Look at the stats shots on target – not much in it.

      Clinical, Combative & Champions = 1 or 2

      1. Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljungberg, Vieira, Petit

      2. RVP, Walcott, Gervinho, Wilshire, Song, Ramsey/Rosicky

  14. Fucck Wenger this is arsenal,arsenal funs lets boycot all arsenal games we need a change am wondering if arsen is a brother to gadaffi,….fuck u the board fuck uuuuuuuuuuu

  15. It realy hurts to be an arsenal fun,wanger u a terrorist,wanger fuck u ….u an da board do to hell with damm fucked profits

  16. I understand all ur pains ok,i was so ashame to see us loss by that wild goal margine but lets get sumtin straight,I want u all to know that Nasri has been replaced before he move ok,Our coach promise to replace all the departed player & he’ll do it plus getting a defender.The problem now is injury also remember that it’s 25 player you must register in the leauge & 8 must be home grown ok.It’ll be very difficult to replace Cecs because at the moment no midfielder in Europe can match his quality not even the great Xavi.Once we find a look a like then our creative problem is solved because Ramsey lack idea & wast too slow.plz let get behind our manager & urge the board to resign or bring back David Dein.Cheers.

  17. We simply can’t lie down and pretend the project youth is working.its not and AW can’t accept this.we all thought it would work,we trusted and believed in him,but now is the time to part ways with ths arrogant man.we can not hold on to our best players …hleb,flamini,adebayo,kolo,gallas and recently cesc and na$ri.who is next to dump ths sinking ship? rvp,jack,tv5,walcot,…lets not expect loyalty from these modern day players.they want to win and get a fat acc.AW was a winner but he is no longer one nw.i expect someone else even an unknown coach to get us out of ths self inflicted harm but not Aw.the old man no longer has ideas.its better to change personnel and start build a strong squad to produce a strong team to compete for honours next season.but i know the majority of fans suffer frm the fear of losing Aw.he is no superhuman! In Arsenal we trust,in Arsene we grieve.long live Gunners.gooner for life.

  18. So you think Arsenal would be better off without Wenger just the way many though Arsenal would be better with Fabregas gone. It’s much easier to replace Fabregas (not easy) than to replace Arsene.

  19. i didn’t know that wenger is so foolish.fuck u for disgracing all arsenalfan around the world and don’t forget fans are wiping because of ur disappointment.and we all course u and it will work,fuck u wenger,fuck u the board

  20. If the club is not completely overhauled, there won’t be any trophies for thirty years. Wenger had the opportunity to build a dynasty around Fabregas, but chose not to support his captain, and best player. He asked him to compromise his fitness and his ability on the pursuit of Wenger’s mad Emperor dream. Not to build a great team, but to be proved right. Fabregas was right to go. So was Nasri.
    The club, the policies, staff, and team need completely changed, or Arsenal shall fail and become the Torino of London.

  21. oh yeah you turn coats…. who would you have instead of Arsene?? the man who has brought us everything over the first 9 years of his managerial career with us but has faltered over the past 6…. the man who has brought us the doubles, the invincibles, the glory, the accolade, the pizza wars with the drunken scotsman….. how quickly you all forget…. who could do the same job??? all you doubters fukk off and support some fashionable team and come back in 10 years when arene rules again…. turncoats man…….. believe.. in arsene we must trust

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