“I don’t think my transfer was Rooney’s fault”

Arsenal new boy, Per Mertesacker, has stated that his transfer was not because of Arsenal’s 8-2 defeat to Manchester United on Sunday.

“I don’t think my transfer was Rooney’s fault,” said Mertesacker.

“I don’t think that was the reason. I want to believe they were monitoring me for quite some time. For me, a childhood dream has come true.

“There is such incredible potential and we will get out of the position the team is currently in.”

“Arsenal have this ability to play good football and to have Arsene Wenger on top of that as coach is unbelievable,” Mertesacker said.

“I wanted this for so long. It is a challenging task which I will tackle because I will also develop further as a player.”

Mertesacker is currently on International duty with Germany, who play on Friday.


12 thoughts on ““I don’t think my transfer was Rooney’s fault”

  1. Yes, it was the fault of Irish descent Rooney!!
    But, Arsenal could not go on with the children!! They had a good decision (Buying some player as soon as possible) before 4 days, (They had to buy talented and experienced footballer)! so now it looks much better as squad which has got Arteta, Santos, Benayoun, Mertesack and Park!

  2. Santos and Park signing had been sealed ever before the Old Traford humiliation. Arsenal had been following Mertesacker for long as well. There is this believe that Wenger really intended to strength deffence department at the summer with strong interest in Cahill, Samba and Merte himself which we all know that only one of them would have join even without Old Traford clash. So, I dont believe that Mertesacker signing has anything to do with Rooney or Man U match.

  3. Santos and Park deal have been sealed before Man-U match. Mertesacker, Cahill, and Samba inquiries were on, with the intention of bring one of them before end of the window. So, signing of Mertesacker out of options has nothing or little to do with Rooney or Old Traford result. but that of Benayoun and Arteta that I can not tell.

  4. Its bollocks, i wasn’t Rooney’s fault at all. We were going to buy players anyway but it helped speed up the process…

  5. Wenger always works hard to sign people on deadline day, but I don’t think we would have pushed through all of these deals. Park, Santos and Mertesacker were done relatively early in the day, so I think we would always have got these three, but the other two required more persistence, and I think we would have given up in previous seasons. Who knows

  6. Hey gooners,
    I think the direction of Arsenal has decided to buy all those players. Because of the dummiest decisions of Wenger, so he always buy the players from French (his country). The people all, who lead Arsenal, wanted the say NO for Wenger’s transfer tactics!!There are something difference since the Old Trafford shame!!

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