Park Chu Young Goals for Monaco

Arsenal’s new South Korean striker only managed 26 goals and 9 assists in 103 appearances for the club. Twelve of those goals came from last season alone and here is a video of him scoring a few.


8 thoughts on “Park Chu Young Goals for Monaco

  1. yeah i love arsenal right now, becaues before i was thing very bacdly thaey get right now what i was need thanks arsenal wenger pring more

  2. hmm..honestly, park worries me the most out of all the new signings made..26 goals in 103 matches isnt really a good scoring record..he better do something bout that for arsenal’s sake

  3. sincere23
    he’s not a centerforward and monaco don’t have the likes of wilshere,arteta and van persie.
    surely you should be happy if he scores a dozen, our real centerforward( walcott) this season already bagged 3 in case you didnt notice, i hope he stays fit.
    he’s not the henry we’ve all been waiting for, he’s hardworking like a freddy ljungberg.
    please relax

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