The Thing that has to Change at Arsenal

After another poor performance by the gunners, what do you think is the thing that has to change at Arsenal. A new manager, better players, a new formation?

Leave a comment below stating what you think has to change at Arsenal. The comment with the most likes will be posted.


19 thoughts on “The Thing that has to Change at Arsenal

  1. So simple for you simpletons right…Wenger out…he’s the problem! Prove it you moronic cretins! Stop playing Fantasy Football manager for a few minutes and state exactly what he’s done wrong with concrete proof that these things were incorrect, based on facts not conjecture. Same shit every blog….guys who have never been close to managing professionals mouthing off like the petty whiners they are….but when asked what needs to be improved…all they can say is Wenger out….really insightful shite that! Therefore EVERY manager worldwide who hasn’t won anything in 7 years should be booted out?
    Give it a break you losers….try constructive, explicit and intelligent criticism instead of regurgitating the excrement you clowns read and uncritically accept from the tabloids,media and your fellow doomers as if it were the water of life. To help you pathetic lot along here are some criteria you should discuss:

    1) Goalkeeping issues
    2) Defensive improvements
    3) Midfield tactics and player solutions
    4) Ideal formations both tactically and strategically
    5) Striker enhancements and refinements
    6) Psychological and moral strengthening
    7) Philosophical and operational changes to strengthen the Club
    8) Managerial insights and skills required to redeem AFC
    9) Injury management and avoidance techniques
    10) Media and PR management changes needed to improve our image
    11) Financial planning and long term goal setting
    12) Solutions to apparent and obvious officiating bias

    There are many more ideas AW and AFC would benefit from of your vast store of experience and hyper-intelligent commentary shown in the two posts above but you’ll have to go back to school first and learn to think for yourselves.

  2. First and foremost is team work culture. A culture of working for each other to achieve victory. Attacking and defending as a team. The defenders must not be overburden with attacking duties to the point of abandoning their core duty which is to defend their goal from being breached. How many times have we seen Arsenals central defenders caught out of position during oppositions counter attacks. Countless number of times. How many of our goals scored come from corner kicks(we always send our central defenders upfield ) ? Is it worth the risk of leaving the central defence to maybe unwilling midfielders ? Secondly, still about defending, our back four need to be trained to mixed their defending tactics. They should employ both man-marking and zonal marking. Most of the goals conceded in and aroound the penalty box are due to confusion on the part of players whether to man mark or zone mark. As a rule of the thumb you man mark your man in the penalty box. That way opposition players are always harrassed when they enter our penalty box. Thirdly, Arsenal attackers have to be trained to employ several methods of breaching the oppositions defence. Every attack has to end with an attempt on the oppositions goal. There is no point in having the highest percentage of control of the game but always ending up the losing side. Its not the end all and be all in a game. So Arsenal has to change a bit by employing a more direct approach towards the opponents goal. Thats how Barcelona play. They rarely need more than three players to execute such lightning moves. That suffice for now

  3. Only one thing Arsenal has to change.


    Arsenal club is just looking for their business only now. That they have to change.

  4. Short term solutions: in order to achieve Champions L berth. We must defend better; How you ask..,,, We must get Thomas Vermealen back soon, employ Francis C at right back. Mix our defense strategies (zone, Man keeping full backs behind for prevention). Midfield lets hope… Song gets a hard working no jogging visionary gritty defender.. No jack yet… I would play diaby when he is ready… Even L Koc. Ramsey, Arteta, Rosicky should fight the other remaining midfield till janaury.. If none of them is good enough God help us. If one of them stands out great. Forwards;;; must use park, chamakh, Arshavin in 442 in some games within games etc. Wingers… Theo,Gervinho, and The Ox. Must be used and kept healthy. No more chamakh, arshavin, bendther on the wings. Parts of the game drop robin back as a supporting attacker. Provide him with height and strength. Manager;;; you are a legend sir. Stop playing players out of position.. If injuries hit play the next guy. I rather have Miguel than song because we lose a great combative midfielder with vission. Arshavin is not a winger, Robin is not a lobe striker… Other teams know and they pressure us. Lastly, buy in january… Money talks…. You either got it or you subject to mid table misery! For god sake… Have sone balls and buy witout worrying about where to play them. HazArd, mvilla, Martin, Cahill we must. Hopefully we are not so far behind that we won’t get the players we want. But all this Arsene knows and I have a full faith that he will instead wait for Wilshere/sagna/vermealen/ to come back. Cheers gooners. How dis it get to the point that.,,, whenever the opponent touch the ball Rey moved with pace and Afc crabs their pants with panic!!!!!! Man u game, Liverpool, Blackburn spuds, new castle every game. It is llike the norm for our players to panic… What the f@@@@@ck man.

  5. To all you fans out there in the football world. Members or non-members alike, this one for you, from a true Gunner standing by his club through thick and thin.
    15th and descending, so what? Everybody abandoning the ship, so what? The nurtured ones going to greener pastures, so what? The whiners telling with smudges on their filthy face ‘I told you so’, so what? Neighbour grinning with their bloated heads “we are the new King of North London”, so what? Ex-players giving their 2 cents of opinions, so what? We are making Headlines (for the wrong reasons), so what? Sales of newspaper surging…Not a day missed, not mentioning about us, so what? 15 years in the CL with limited budget, great, so what? A 6 years barren run of silverware, so what? Sets you thinking yes? So what I’m getting at? Nothing. That’s it, nothing, one big O…. doughnut. Now you tell me, one thing for sure it’s not the end of the world. The watch is still ticking, its still going to be another day; autumn; summer; winter; falls. No one has stop playing football, the world is still turning, I still have my urge to f**k. That’s it…LIFE GOES ON. What comes around goes around.

  6. Whats with everyone having a one point agends that Wenger needs to leave? He is quint essential for this club, he is the most important person at this club. What needs to change is the board’s attitude. Stringent wage structure, unable to negotiate player contracts, unable to buy players identified by Wenger. Arsenal can and will still be able to get out of this rot, provided we have the players who value playing for Arsenal. When you look at a francis Coquelin giving it all in his first derby, when you see song playing so brilliantly as a CB you feel these are the players who give it all for the club whereas, you see Arshavin, ramsey,Chamakh etc who just amble around you feel like kicking the hell out of these players. Arsenal need a team who will fight for life than a team which turns up for the game. Arsenal still will come out of this season better.

  7. As you can see barcelona have a brilliant team there is no doubting that so why don’t arsenal take a leaf out of there book !!!! Right 9 times out of 10 they play a 4-4-2 which is great because they always win, when there DEFENDERS are in trouble the one thing they always do is pass back to there keeper which is good because he can see where all his players are and they can build from the back again some people might say that’s not nice football but at the end of the day you keep the ball for longer which makes the other team comes towards you !!!! Theo walcott – His pace we can use in ATTACK and DEFENCE – ATTACK float the ball forward to him let him run on to it and do his thing . DEFENCE – when the other team break use THEO’S pace to get back and defend come use him. !!!! Robin Van Persie – Forward – leave him upfront he’s a brilliant player all he needs is a great pass and as everyone knows he will do his best to finish!!!! At the end of the day everyone know arsenal are a great team we are not in DEBT we have enough money to buy any player we want and he’s not doing it all we need to do is tell the players that we need to attack as a team and defend as a team , all for one and one for all we can be united like in the old day IE: tony adam , thierry henry , robert pires etc come on if things do change we will be in the champion ship and NO ARSENAL FAN wants THAT let’s be real

  8. its true dt v r havng a bad or d worse time. Evry1 is jst like a alarm dt wenger shud go bt let me ask u y ? B.coz we havnt won anythng 4 6yrs shit. . . We didnt signed big players shit. . . . We can’nt defend shit. . . We dnt hv players shit. . . . We got a gr8 result in germany dn at home. In league we r jst nt getng d momentum dts ol. We shud stand by our manager as we hv done in last years. . . . People who shout we hv sold cesc nd nasri i wana ask dm if we had hold dm wud dy hv playd d way r playng nw for their respective clubs. . . . Ans is no. . . . Team is gud jst d luck is nt wid us . . . . Gud times wil cum nd we wil finish like evry year we do at a respectable position. . . . Slamng ol d dog barks. . . . Light olways cum aftr dark i m a gooner nd wil b a gooner no mattr wt. . . Wenger is d man players respect him nd we shud also do. Dt board shud tk d responsibility 4 a new breed of players nd make money available nd transfer done no mattr hw bt it shud b done its simple. . . . Our club needs us nw. So stand up nd b countd. . . . . I hv faith we wil rise. . . . Words of heart . . . .

  9. Its just amazing that there are still a few gooners (very few) out there who are under some kind of spell and refuse to acknowledge that Wenger is accountable! As the No. 1 man at the club who calls the shots, and has been missing for the last 7 seasons, he manages to hold sway over a few ignoramuses who come out with guns blazing everytime the rest of us try to point out that he must, necessarily, shoulder the blame …. amazing!

    A few donkeys even suggest that we should come up with “constructive” comments rather than bad mouth a manager whose job it is to fix obvious shortcomings. Oh, how sweetly sensitive! So its now up to us to suggest what AW should do – so that he can get on with HIS job and pocket the big bucks! I suppose that’s because it is we who are hailed as one of the best managers in the business, and it is we who are being paid ludicrous sums of money to figure out how best to run the club and coach the squad and it is we who have all the necessary information to do what a manager ought to be doing (and is obviously NOT given the performances since … God knows when)!

    Hey, Domhuaille MacMathghamhna – you twat! Your “criteria to discuss” only reinforces the obvious problems at the club and the argument that if Wenger cannot address all those issues without us, then he is not fit to be the manager! If even you know what the issues are that need addressing – and AW doesn’t – then even a complete dick head like you would make a better manager than Wenger! Do you see the point? Well, given the wholesale contradictions in your post – I suppose not. Sigh!

    1. WW and everyone knows it…MG…….In your supreme confidence about AW, how do you know that few Gooners support him anymore? Did you do a survey on FIFA Football Manager 2011? You are talking out of your hat and are simply another whiny,bitter AAA who prefers to call fellow Gooners vulgar names and contrary to your claims,fortunately there are very few of in the real world.
      He has NEVER denied that part of the responsibility for winning and success at AFC is ultimately his, nor does any reasonable Gooner BUT blaming him alone is ridiculously simplistic and shows your abysmal lack of Football understanding.
      Since you are so knowledgeable about everything that is wrong with AFC…please share with us these obvious shortcomings and your solutions…..OH wait….kick AW out….now that’s original and helpful.Just another anti-Wenger ranter showing that he can’t even provide an original thought about what needs fixing. By the way I never suggested that we should solve Wenger’s problems for him, he doesn’t need our help but this is a free forum for sharing positive and constructive analysis and ideas for rehabilitating Arsenal so if you can’t abandon your AAA gloomy-doomer obsession, go to LeGrove where Wenger-haters hang out and whine all day.
      You’re the twat WWMG… my arguments about criteria are intended to allow true Gooners to share intelligent and salient ideas about improving the Gunners and not as a panacea for all our ills. The Board and manager will not be on this website feverishly writing down our suggestions…They don’t need to do that…they know what needs fixing and are trying to do that, but in your little world they are useless and incompetent.
      Of course, you being a know-it-all, blinkered AAA moron need to start insulting anyone who doesn’t share you compulsive AAA Wenger hating attitude.This is precisely a perfect example of why our Club is suffering in the media and Tabloids…since cretins like you insist on ranting on about AW, thus feeding the media frenzy. You’re the one who doesn’t get it mate, so if you can’t or won’t look for real solutions to our current
      Club issues other than your vitriol against AW then return to your closet and whine in the dark like the rest of your AAA compatriots,

  10. There is simply a conspiracy by the football oligarchy to run Arsenal out of business. If you critically look at the referee decisions against us this season alone, then you should know that there is more to what is happening to Arsenal than meet the eyes. A scientific analysis proved that if we got referees’ decisions right last season, we would have come second in the league. You can search for the article titled “Proof that Arsenal were cheated, while Man United & Chelsea got lucky” If that had happened, then we will not be carrying the ‘club in crisis’ image we carry right now. These anomalies could be corrected with goal line technology but the powers that be are vehemently resisting this suggestion. Year in year out, we are always victimized and some clubs always get lucky. If the referee had got the decision right on Sunday and penalized Van Der Vart for a deliberate handball, he should have received a second yellow card and sent off. That would have changed the game drastically and leave us with at least one point more, if not three. These little little isolated incidents all sum together to make a big difference at the end of the season.
    I am getting fed up with the whole thing and will soon reconsider why a should expend time, money and emotions to support a hoax. It is not the fault of Wenger or the board as it is being made to look. It is a conspiracy to run Arsenal out of business.

  11. @aju..
    I agree wid u..its jst d luck dat is nt on our side..bcoz it will rarely happen dat 9-10 players are injrd..and out of which i wld say 4-5 frst team players..
    Lst day song(cdm) was playing at cb..y?
    Bcz our cb r all injrd..
    Even ignasi was injrd..
    So its jst d tough times at afc..wich ll soon go..
    We ll bounce back..coyg

  12. arsenal team are down totally, what we need to do, is to change the manager and the managment have to change their policy, like wages and they should be buying an extablish players like kakas caliber not chambaline, park, that you are fear to use, if they are good enough why dont he use them. So we need to change the manger if posible some mamgment should be change if not the club is in a big problem.

  13. Change the manager himself, get him to grow some balls. Ask Beckham howz his eye when he thought he was too big for Man U?
    The team would get a rollicking everytime not have Wenger making excuses for their poor performances. Nice to hear Pat Rice doing it but the players need it from the manager.

    He needs to tell them to wake up and start putting in the effort or they’re out. This crap of falling asleep in games is also crap and needs some stern address.

    Wenger needs to change his vision or put it on hold. Pretty football has left Arsenal. These guys have no vision, no close control and poor passing ability. Only solution is to start playing more direct and expansive football with strikers and crossers of the ball. This will allow better shape and not expose the defense as much.
    He also can do zonal marking but in open play only. Set pieces, players should know exactly what their role is and where to be and I mean the whole team not just defenders.

    A big change needs to happen with salaries too. Too many rubbish players on high salaries.

  14. We all know the problem and the solution to Arsenal club, as far as am concern the problem is simple. The issue of Arsen wenger to leave the club will worsen and increase more pressure on the club right now, wenger is a better manager than those looking to manage Arsenal, this gr8 club is far beyond that. The problem is arsen is in luv with parading and buying younger players, iam not saying is a bad idea but for now young talent is not what we need bicos young players are for the future and Arsenal already hv gotten planty of them, what they nid come January is to add strong and experienced players like- Carlos tevez, Eden hazard, m’vill, cahil, snidjer, Honda, kagawa,van Der vaart even bring Adebayor back and to sell -chamak, arshavin, derby, squilaci, bentner, almunia and rosicky and with vermeline, wilshere, sagna, koscielny returning from injuries to join rvp, walcott, gervinho, sycesney,song, gibbs, santos, metersacker, febiansky, friumpong,coqulin,ramsey, park, chamberline, Jerginstin, snidjer,hazard,m’vill,tevez, Honda and kagawa, miyachi. With players like these An Arsenal club will become invisibly superb and a force no club can stop bicos of its super nature both in defense, midfield and offensive attack. Arsenal should forget small boys and buy old and experience players to mix with the ones they hv for now if they wnt to be the no.1 contender in champions league, caring cup and F.A cup. So far as am concerned Arsenal match against tottenham, Arsenal played well bt missed 4 gud chances in d first half, which if well converted could hv bn a 2-5 victory for Arsenal.

  15. Tellin people u’ve manage arsenal for 15 yrs does not give you an audacity to be your self and fan. We’ve tired of talks. U sold cesc and nasri without bring in vital player, u continusly links with various sources of players without bring any of them.some of those players u brought in wasn’t ur target at all u just gamble .just try and do somethin’ b/4 its too late.

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