Would Sacking Wenger be a Terrible Move?

On October 1st, 1996, Arsene Wenger became manager of Arsenal Football Club. Many fans were saying “Arsene Who”, yet he has gone on to become Arsenal’s longest serving, most successful and greatest manager of all time.

Yet on February 27 of this year, I believe Arsenal collapsed. It was the day of the Carling Cup Final, a game which many of us expected us to win, yet a last minute mix up between Szczesny and Koscielny led Birmingham to its first trophy for over 40 years. It was a game that mentally destroyed us.

Arsenal went on to win two more games that season, against Leyton Orient and Blackpool. Somehow, Arsenal went from being comfortably in second place to being in fourth behind Manchester City and Chelsea.

Since the start of the new season, Wenger has been under constant pressure from fans and the media to splash the cash in the transfer market. He managed to sign 5 decent players, yet they have not solved Arsenal’s problems at all.

Arteta has been good for us, probably our best signing, yet he seems to lack the magic that Cesc Fabregas possessed in the midfield. Mertesacker has been average, some games he has done well while during other games he has had trouble coping to the physicality of the game. Yossi Benayoun has also been average. He has tried hard yet he doesn’t seem to have the spark that possessed during his time with Liverpool. Andre Santos has hardly played. He was a player I was very excited about, yet he seems to be losing out on a place to young Kieran Gibbs. Lastly, Chu-Young Park has been non existent. His only game came against League 2 side Shrewsbury in the Carling Cup.

Most Arsenal fans have already jumped to the conclusion that it is time to move away from Arsene Wenger, yet I believe that Arsenal fans need to think a bit harder.

Yes, Arsenal have been poor this season, and that is partially due to Arsene Wenger, but lately in his post match interviews, you can see something very different.

Last season, whenever we lost a match, Wenger would always talk about how we were unlucky and we didn’t deserve to lose. This season, particularly after the Tottenham match, Wenger said something I have never heard him say before. He actually talked about how bad our defence was during the game. He has always tried to protect his players in the past, but now he seems more annoyed with the way we have been playing.

A huge mistake Arsene has made in the past has always been selling his best players to quickly. From the transition of Highbury to Ashburton Grove, we lost some of our most influential players, including Pires and Bergkamp, which affected the squad the next season. This season we let go of Fabregas and Nasri , which has had a huge affect on the way we are playing this season.

I’m not sure of what to make of Arsene Wenger. He is a great man, a great manager and a living legend, who can never be replaced. He changed the game for Arsenal and all over the world, and his charity acts have been second to none. Yet is it time let go of him and find a new, more ambitious manager? I believe the answer to that question will be resolved within the coming months.

In Arsene We Trust


13 thoughts on “Would Sacking Wenger be a Terrible Move?

  1. Simple quesiton to all saying sack him-who to replace him with? Ancelotti??? joke of the decade, Wenger is irreplaceable, he is the best man for the job and if anyone can get us out of this rut, it will be him and i am sure he will do so as well.

    1. Of course! Because O’neil, Moyes and Coyle have a great record of breaking into the top 3 or 4. When Ferguson leaves, no doubt these are the types of manager Utd will be dying to get their hands on. Unbelievable.

  2. I agree, there are managers out there that can take over but I don’t want us to go back to boring boring Arsenal again. If anyone I would like Holloway or Pardew or Coyle to take over. Keen eye for talent, firm with their players and good tactics and style of play. If not then let’s stick with Wenger.

  3. Wenger! The golden eagle, the man with a lion heart, the man that faces his worse feel, the man of honor, man of great reputation, the man who single handedly turned Arsenal into a great 2nd world best in the world of entertainment football, a man who Anceloti can’t tie his shoes go on prof. But only what we wnt u to do is to revamp Arsenal, u hv done it b4 and u can do it again, sign for us great players we nid now result don’t let us down, we great Arsenal fans luvs u with passion but only what we humbly ask is buy us strong and experienced players in the likes of hazard, sow, m’vill, tevez,snidjer,kagawa, gotz, Honda,Matthew, cahil,mori Marvin, voug and sell chamak, arshavin,squillaci,djourou, rosicky, derby, vella,bendtner, almunia, come January and people around the world will witness Arsenal in a living legend Arsen wenger, our luv for u still remain but act fast u r losing fans and ur honor don’t let our rivals laugh for too long cos i believe in the adage that says he who laughs last laughs the greatest. Written by Prince Temple otamiri

  4. In Arsene we trust, he’s simply irreplaceable at Arsenal for now, he’ll do it again he only needs time to solve what we don’t understand at the moment. He’ll figure it out. Not even a Mourinho can come and solve the present crisis. Let Arsene be for now. True fans will go through this with Arsenal

  5. well the sad part is that the board are the most guilty with their secret agender of raking in money and not investing it on players.lets leave wenger till the end of this season, if we dont qualify for cl then he has to go. And as well we should insist on a change of philosophy as regards investing on players and retaining the best.nobody is bigger than my arsenal.

  6. I dont think sacking AW will be a lasting solution for arsenal problems, bearing the fact that the best managers of AW,s character are very rare on erth, yet the fans can do something very interesting so thar to put pressure to the coach ang the board and that is not buying tickets. if that is done for sometime the coach and the manager will get awaken and they ‘ll hopefull reorrient their approach.

    AW should change his thoughts and know that the world we are living now
    is the world of ‘money talks’ and not mere wishes.If the club continue having bad resuls on the pitch, there is three dangers: 1. Loosing revenues, 2. loosing the few best players we have and 3. I it will be very hard to buy goog palers even if the club will have money of doing so coz playes need clubs which win trophies. Aw & the boardy should change their attitude.

  7. Do you like the idea ?Nobody likes to keep changing their manager like changing your clothes. We like to keep our manager as long as possible because it will breed consistency and bring success. Thats the ruke. But sometimes we have to break the rules and make an exception. The question is why do we have to resort to taking this exception which is sacking a manager who has already brought earlier success to the team ? My answer is pure and simple. Which is, when the so called successful manager has lost his plot and ,THIS IS IMPORTANT, he ceases to listen to suggestions , second opinions, and most importantky , THE FANS , who are the building bricks of the club. The board and the manager can come and go. But the fans and the club stay.

  8. We can talk all day about sacking him but the reality is that we don’t have a word to say in that or any other decisions at AFC, and thank God for that! Wenger was,is and will be our best option until the end of this season, at which time the Board and Kroenke will review the season’s results with him and decide how to proceed. AW can have the pick of teams to manage, including Real, Inter, and any number of EPL Clubs.
    Those who are calling for his head had better be careful what they wish for as there aren’t a plethora of world class managers like him out there and it could become a revolving door at AFC if we go down that road. It took Real over 4 managers to get Mourinho and we can’t be sure he’ll stay all that long either. City tried 3 managers and may have found one who,ll deliver the goods provided they continue to hoard top players.
    To the above posters, don’t confuse yourselves with someone whose opinion Wenger cares about. He does hear and listen to the fans but he won’t be overly influenced by their ramblings and whines….that’s what makes him a great manager.

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