Thoughts on Arsenal-Stoke City

What will we do without Robin Van Persie? He once again won us an important game with two goals to beat Stoke City 3-1. Here are some thoughts on the game:

  • Gervinho could be good, really good once he has finally settled in. Gervinho showed us today why Wenger signed him, to score and create goals. His goal came from a very well executed ball from Aaron Ramsey, in which Gervinho caught the ball on his chest before lashing the ball in with his left foot. Gervinho also showed his selfless side with two good assists for Van Persie to score off of. Yet, he still showed that he is not fully adapted to the Premier League’s speed and physicality at times. Nevertheless, he still showed what he is capable of and what Arsenal fans could look forward too next season.
  • If Van Persie had start, this game may have been a lot more comfortable. Chamakh isn’t the best footballer, and you can see how big of a difference it made when Robin Van Persie came on to replace him. We started attacking more, we were more creative, and we were able to score twice with Van Persie playing instead of Chamakh. Had Van Persie started the match ahead of Chamakh, we may have scored a couple more goals and had the game sealed before half time.
  • Mertesacker and Koscielny are starting to gel, while Djourou doesn’t offer anything when coming forward. Mertsesacker was solid today, winning a couple of headers and stopping Crouch from making any real threats (apart from the goal). Koscielny continued his fine form with another good performance at the back. Djourou did his job at right back, stopping Walters from coming in and posing in any real threats, yet coming forward seemed a challenge for him. Many of his crosses were not good and he seemed to have trouble dribbling the ball on the wing.
  • Aaron Ramsey played really well today. His wonderful chip pass reminded me of Nasri’s pass to Fabregas’ against Burnley in 2010, when Nasri chipped the ball over the whole of the defence for Fabregas to tap home. Some of Ramsey’s passing today was that good and I am looking forward to his further contribution this season.

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on Arsenal-Stoke City

  1. We should ask ourselves what would RVP do without his teammates? It was a very convincing team effort and showed our cohesiveness beginning to dominate opponents. We didn’t let up after the Crouch goal and our defense was solid against the troglodytes from start to finish.

  2. disagree on JD he looked quite smart coming forward and dribbled the ball in well and made a few decent crosses, a couple poor ones yes but i like him a lot more as a right back than a CB, he will be very useful there

  3. The entire side lifted when RVP came on. The whole side lifted their tempo,creating more chances,and we even looked better defensively. This shows that he is a truly great player…….his own ability is first class,but his ability to make othres better is brilliant.

  4. Well done rvp, well done wenger and the rest of the team! Am happy 4 arsenal coming victorious against stoke bt am more concerned now abt the up-coming match against chelsea, though they will be losing didiea drogba and borsingwa bicos of the red they had against Queens park rangers. Lets stop rejoicing and be wise, who knws what the future holds for Arsenal that we re now in the 7th position on the table is a remarkable improvement for team that started very poor in the beginning of this season. The question is who is to play against chelsea come Saturday the 29th of Oct and who is nt fit. Tell us what is view. Written by Prince Temple. I wnt to write for arsenal for passion. Post my comments in the head lines.


  6. i cant figure out what is wrong with chamakh, he is not a bad player, the first half of last season he showed he could hold up the ball, make smart runs, play little 1-2s etc. besides being a monster header…where has his confidence gone? maybe he just does not fit?

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