The New Centre Back Pair, Arsenal Win Again, Wenger Talks About Ghosts

Now this is the Arsenal we are used to seeing. For the first time in many months, we look to be at our best and capable to win most of the games we play.

The game against West Brom yesterday was fairly simple, mainly due to the fact that we were 2-0 up at half time and we could play our game in the second half.

Arsenal’s first good chance of the game was converted when Ramsey sent a slick pass to Walcott who was just onside. Walcott then tried to score himself by hitting the ball “straight” at Ben Foster, who deflected the ball straight into the path of Van Persie to tap in.

Robin Van Persie than turned from scorer to provider when he crossed for Vermaelen to strike into the back of the net with shear power. The goal was Vermaelen’s first since February 27, 2010, the day Ryan Shawcross obliterated Aaron Ramsey’s leg.

Mikel Arteta than got on the score sheet to wrap up the three points with the killer third. The goal came from another good ball from Van Persie and Arteta shot the ball perfectly in the bottom left hand corner.

A good attacking performance was capped off with a good defencive performance from Koscielny and Vermaelen, which asks questions about who is going to be our new centre-back partnership when everybody is fit. Vermaelen looks to have his place cemented in the squad, which leaves Koscielny and Mertesacker to fight for the other position.

Koscielny and Mertesacker both have their strengths. Koscielny is definitely quicker on and off the ball, and he is better of a dribbler. Yet Koscielny is still not that expierenced, and he has shown to be out of it on a few occasions.

Mertesacker seems to be better in the air than Koscielny, and he is less mistake prone and more experienced than Koscielny. Still, Mertesacker lacks some of the qualities that Koscielny possesses.

For me, Vermaelen has to start. Rarely do you ever find a defender as dedicated and skilled as Vermaelen. Koscielny look to be the one to start in the long run, if he becomes stronger and better in the air, while Mertesacker needs to practice the technical side of his game to rival Koscielny.

Wenger has been talking about how he fears the ghosts we had to face one month ago will come back,

“When you have so much possession and cannot finish a game off I am always a little concerned that the ghosts we had to fight one month ago will come back,” said Wenger.

“We are not yet on a completely different planet and we still have to fight against it. Every win makes us stronger and I feel there is a desire from the team to do well.

“In the past when we have had a young side and it was going our way, that was a little bit of a weakness.

“Now we are a bit lighter in our display, a bit more spontaneous. That is linked with the confidence of course. One month ago we played here against Swansea and absolutely had to win, or else we would have had a complete disaster.”

There is an international break next week so let’s hope no one get’s injured, especially Van Persie.

Come on Arsenal!


2 thoughts on “The New Centre Back Pair, Arsenal Win Again, Wenger Talks About Ghosts

  1. Apparently Vertonghen is finally interested in moving to the EPL but will Wenger go for another CB to pair with the Verminator? Having 2 pairs of CB’s could prove useful in the long run and a Kos/Per or Verm/Vertonghen option would be absolutely great!

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