Would you Sell this Gunner in January?

Andrey Arshavin seems to have been out of form for quite some time now, and with his contract out soon, would you sell him? Remember to leave a comment and vote!


16 thoughts on “Would you Sell this Gunner in January?

    1. psg dont own hazard. do ur research mate cos its a pipe dream anyway. he’s said he wants to go 2 spain, real madrid pretty much have him in the bag, and even if they didnt the fact that chelsea & city are sniffing around means that our chance to pick him up under the radar has past by about a season and a half. jus have to move on and stop craving over a player that is never gonna join us

  1. He is a great impact player but cannot offer more than 50 minutes of real effort and that is if he feels like it on the day BUT he has a fantastic assist record and can still offer much to AFC. I’d keep him on a one year contract until he’s 31-32 to see if he can turn his attitude and efforts around.

  2. Sell him and buy maro marin or mathieu valbuena as replacement bcos andery can neva get to his best again sell players who ar out ôf forever and buy people who are at their best likd those two i list harzard and nasri are after money and not football reason

  3. Grosskreutz wants to come, buy him. He might be unknown in england but the lad has great potential and is a german international. Also, he’s got great work rate and can play across the front line.
    Marko marin will also be good. He might want to come because he’s played under per before and that might be useful.

  4. Selling Arshavin is the only option as he has nothing to over to the gunners anymore. May be he can try his luck some other places. This is bcus: the only way he could stay is by playing at the center, which we still have many better ones there and as you we all know he is totally dead in that flank. So he deserve to go.

  5. If i am AW i will not bcoz arshavin is a great and talented player.if he sell him it will be bad idea, i believe he still have sumtin to add to help arsenal.so is better to keep him, one thing he need is confidence.

  6. He should stay at the emirate,because his time to shine hasn’t come but will soon come.remember he was the person that score first emirate winning match.he should be patient and always hope for the best.

  7. It not all his fault if you remember when he first arrived his style and position have all been altered by Wenger and that’s why we have the player we have today

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