Do You Think we can Still Win the League?

After a disappointing result against Wolves, how many of us out there still think we can finish 1st? Vote and leave a comment below.


12 thoughts on “Do You Think we can Still Win the League?

  1. i dont think we have a strong team yet to win the leage, if roben will keep stoping the ball
    backwards while he needs to atlist keep the ball with him, another weakness that arsenal players have is they dont shoot balls from afar but wait to enter the box, why are they realy being tought how to shoot balls, todays match against wolves the boys thought they have already won the game just after juvino scored, they had lots of chances but played like
    the are winners while they not, im a true arsenal fan but its raely hard to see how things just turned up.

  2. yes if wenger gets serious. if he removes lame ducks from the first team and spend in january then yes we can catch the mancs. but if he keeps chamakh and arshavin as our super-subs then he doesn’t wanna win anything, he just wants 4th place.

  3. I know AW is waiting for Wilshire to return (like a new signing), but if he doesn’t get serious about signing some quality in January I feel there is a real possibility of finishing out of the top four. Also, what happens if RVP gets hurt??????

  4. Still why we are talking to win anything. Maximum arsenal can finish 4th or 5th. That also difficult for Arsenal in this situation. We arsenal fans should forget about winning anything. Arsenal is not going to win anything in near feature. Arsenal fans should think only about getting CL birth.
    Arsenal is not a big team now. That’s the fact.
    And some good players are going to African nation cup. Who bloody stupid still think Arsenal will sign good players in January ??????????

  5. Szczesney is a “JOKE”, from what i saw yesterday was ONLY ONE EFFORT on goal made by wolves and they scored…No anticipation at all by our GK. Wolves GK(man of the match) was kept busy during the whole 2nd 1/2 and denied arsenal the voctory… It seems we really need a BETTER keeper if we want the 4th place

  6. if we dont lose or draw in any other match throuh the remaining part of the season.however,wenger needs to buy on january,perhaps podolski or soldado ,prefarably podolski,and brazillian caesemiro and we also focus more on our right fullback,we also could use henry’s motivation

  7. Substitutes were all wrong yesterday. Lucky wolves got a sending off, else they would probably have nicked the winner.
    Our lads played like they did not want to win, we could have won in the first half, if they had continued playing to win.
    It looks like they were saving energy for the next matches as they are coming fast in this period now.
    I really don’t know why Arshavin gets a start at the moment, i really do not.
    I hope Sagna is back soon and Oxe and Park gets starts soon, and that Santos recovers asp.

  8. Who is even talking of winning the league? with subs like Charmach and Arshavin,finnishing fourth will even be very hard to achieve this season.
    AW should better do something fast this January or else,it’s bye bye to CL football next season.

  9. mathematically is possible ,but big challenging is from manager ,wanger seem being not prepare for the honor .all ways he live with belives not using player who can deliver,he keep faith to player like arshavin and chamark who have already proven a worse player in arsenal .challenging is intensity right now is up to us keep trying and ending out of top four or using top gear (AOC ,MIYAICHI) to secure the honor.our game need high speed wingers especially when we play weak team like sure the player like aoc was perfect for that chance.let tel them the main difference btn wanger and ferge.always ferge put player into the game who are in top form unlikely wanger who is bias to his player.always belive arshavin can do sometime while he have already proven failure.i feel sad as arsenal fun cause knew before these players are crap .we fail tactically yesteday

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