Which Person do You Think is Responsible for Arsenal’s Revival?

After the first five games in the season, Arsenal fans were calling for Arsene Wenger’s head and a completely new squad. After half a season, Arsenal is now in the top 4 and looking like beating anybody. So, who do you think was responsible for this? Vote and leave a comment below.


13 thoughts on “Which Person do You Think is Responsible for Arsenal’s Revival?

  1. Obvious answer….Wenger.
    He brought the right players in.
    He has shown faith in Szczesney and Koscielny when 90% of fans wanted them replaced.
    Seriously,people may and will suggest otherwise,but if you wanted to blame Wenger when we were in 17th spot,you MUST give him the credit for where we are now.
    Only peoples arrogance could prevent them doing this.

  2. You all should not be satisfied being in a top 4 position. Arsenal should always be aiming to finish first in any competition they participate. It was Wenger’s fault we started so poorly. Trying to hang on to players who did not want to be in the club was a suicide.I am surprised; we were hoping to win many trophies last season, but many have lowered their expectation so much that, they are satisfied with top four. With the size and resources the club possesses, top 4 is not enough. These unambitious fans are giving excuses for Wenger to go trophyless again; this is not acceptable.

  3. Apollo,fans like you have no idea.
    Compare budgets,and the story is told……a blind man can see it.
    An ignorant man,such as yourself,cannot.

  4. idiots are those who think otherwise. who else do you think is the mastermind of all of this great comeback. Wenger of course. he selected the new players when all the fans wanted his head. i belive in this man and nothing can change that. Wenger is a man with many options. no worries lads

  5. Honestly i will give it to the whole squad but i have to appreciate some certain players in ascending order
    1. Kocieny
    2. Scycyny
    3 v.persie
    4. Gervinho
    5. Arteta
    6. Song
    7. Theo.
    They really tried for Arsenal sudden resurrection

  6. I would go for the whole squad coz surely everyone has been on fire.walcott,Gervinho,rvp,verminator(shld be captain),sezny,song,koscy…the list is endless.we are the arsenal!!

  7. Arsenal’s revival hero is clearly RVP. I dont think Wenger could have EVER predticted the outstanding form RVP has enjoyed this year/season. Yes, the defence and midfield play well and should also be credited for the revival, BUT, even if we defended well and didnt concede much, we would still get 1 point. RVP’s contribution this season has more or less changed the 1 point we would normally get into 3. Everton, Sunderland, West Brom, Chelsea, Stoke, Bolton, Norwich, Wigan, Aston Villa, QPR. His assists and goals have transformed 1 point (draw/lose) into a win (3 points).

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