Video of Nasri Being Abused by Liverpool Fans


8 thoughts on “Video of Nasri Being Abused by Liverpool Fans

  1. anyway, i need not abuse Nasri for what he did but to give a sign of warning to any player that wants to trudge his way that money is not everything. ‘am sure he would be regreting his attitude by now.

  2. I believe he said we are at the top of the table…and then just went off and broke the speed limit. Funny though, Knocked out of champions league, fa cup, soon to be carling cup, and I’m not even sure they can win the EPL anymore!! Winning trophies was the reason he left…supposedly. Money cant solve everything!!

  3. To me, he had be where he wanted to be. But am very sure in his mind, he regretted his step leaving gooner for city and is not what he can make open because less than one hour he left emirate stadium, he said in his first interview at mancity that “arsenal fans are not passionate”. I hope he miss trouph but get his money.

  4. why would the not abuse the greedy and ungreatful cashNash.but thank God his best hav pas since when he show mr wenger his greed for Monicity says:

    greedNasCash,this is just de bignin.u havent seen enytin yet

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