Everton v Arsenal-Match Thoughts

After a really good past month for Arsenal, all we needed was for Chelsea and Tottenham to slip up to get things going good for us. Yesterday’s results really could not have gone more perfect as Arsenal now lie 6! points above Chelsea and 1 point above Tottenham. Arsenal played well in a game that most teams have come away with nothing. Here are some thoughts over the game:

  • The first 15 minutes showed a completely different Arsenal side. Arsenal were passing the ball through Everton’s defence with such ease, it’s amazing that we didn’t score three within the first 10 minutes. The football being played only showed that we our a team on the rise with confidence and ability.
  • Thomas Vermaelen is a really brilliant player. Vermaelen’s goal was only part of the Belgian’s contribution. His work-rate and defencive contribution was really amazing, and it showed a player who is determined as ever. He also unmarked himself to score a great header. Great performance all around.
  • The defence as a whole was outstanding. If you knew nothing about Arsenal, you would have thought that they were a superb team when dealing with counter-attacks, corners, and set-pieces. They were really that good yesterday, and there were another two players that stood out for men, Sagna and Koscielny. Koscielny played brilliantly throughout the game and Sagna was a beast as usual.
  • We do have some luck after all. The decision to call the Everton goal for offside made David Moyes and Everton supporters furious. It seemed like a call that only Arsenal seemed to get in the past, and it could be very vital to our season. However, I feel that Szczesny heard the whistle and knew it was offside so he didn’t make his full effort to try and save it.
  • This could be our most important result of the season. Everton away is never easy, with Chelsea, Tottenham and City all losing there this season alone. To beat them under the circumstances really is an amazing job. Also, Chelsea and Tottenham dropping points made the victory 10x more precious. We are now 3rd and quite ahead of Chelsea, meaning that there is a sun coming up for Arsenal.

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