Would you Sell Gervinho During the Summer?

Arsenal’s big summer signing Gervinho was expected to do great things for us this season. However, he seems to have not found his way in the Premier League. The question is would you sell him? Vote and leave a comment below.


13 thoughts on “Would you Sell Gervinho During the Summer?

  1. Why the frigg would you sell him after just one year? A bit impatient ain’t we? This isn’t fantasy football. And it isn’t like the lad has been shit, changing leagues isn’t the easiest thing to do. He’ll come good, rate him AFTER year two

  2. sell him he looses ball too easily he can only get past a defender but has problems with two,lacks staminal his legs are too light on the ground. A bad finisher a good player does not need 2yrs to adapt to epl style he is simply an average guy,so sell him and buy Dempsey d fulham guy or Ba d Newcastle man.

    1. who said 2 years? he hasn’t even completed his first year. how many years have we given Theo? trust me I love dempsey but I don’t think you would fit in our setup

  3. Hes had a long hard season and it has showed but look at Koscielny last year he found it hard going but this year has there been a better center half???

  4. this author is sick. i think he is a disgrace to the concept of humanity,everybody a chance and goddamit, a little support..wish that ur boss sacks u after a little blop

  5. I’m sorry, but this is a bit ridiculous isn’t it? I don’t care what anybody says, players need time to settle, especially when you change leagues and especially when it’s to the toughest league in the world. he is quite clearly a good player, there’s no doubt, and I’m sure just like with everyone else, when he gets a good run of games, a few breaks here and there and a bit of confidence, he’ll do exactly what he did at Lille which by the way was pretty outstanding. Then all the impatient bigots will have to swallow there words again like they did with Theo and VP and many others.

  6. Don’t understand why this has come up. He needs time to adapt and he has done well so far. Remember the vital contribution he made in our comeback after August, he and RVP. This guy is class and we as fans must support him, motivate him especially after the AFCON scenario, that impacted negtively on him. We do not want him to lose confidence, look at the Eboue situation a few years ago, being booed off. Pathetic from the fans, and he came back and proved everyone wrong. Just sad that he left us. Gervinho, will be a star at Arsenal, just watch……

  7. arsene wenger doesnt spend 20 millions on players because they take time to adapt. he’s not mancini who’s already dumping dzeko after spending big money on him. if you support arsenal please try to understand arsene wenger’s policy he doesn’t dump old players for
    new ones like man city, in fact its new players that always find it hard to breakthrough ie, park chu young, chamberlain, miyaichi.
    you must be one of those naive guys who are already saying he will replace djouoru with vertonghen, song with m’vila etc…. keep dreaming!
    this is arsene wenger we are talking about, he might also buy them but still starts the season with walcott, gervinho, djourou. your vertonghen, podolski etc… don’t even get a place on the bench. he will tell you they are not ready, what you gonna do? sue him?

  8. it doesn’t mean i support arsene’s weird system. its even destructive for big club like arsenal. we need to rotate the team to be able to compete in all 4 competitions and avoid tiredness and injuries. its impossible to win things with one striker all season. wenger needs to change.

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