Video of Arsenal Target Burak Yilmaz

Arsenal are being linked with a centre-forward that I think can add something to the squad. His name is Burak Yilmaz and he plays for Trabzonspor and Turkey. The Turkish international also happens to have 32 goals in 30 appearances in the league this season. The question is: Do you think he will make a good addition to our squad? Leave a comment below.


11 thoughts on “Video of Arsenal Target Burak Yilmaz

  1. good player but doesnt offer heading threat.
    rvp can shoot and head, if we need someone to compliment him or support him we need someone who offers more than jus shooting we need presence and
    i would much prefer giroud who is a more complete cf
    can shoot can head and incredibly athletic, he scores over head kicks for fun!

    1. i liked your commet but,i dont see rvp staying,and if he leaves giroud would be ideal replacement and yilmaz would be good replacement for giroud and think playing both would even scare stoke city at the back.

  2. im a gooner and i spend 6 months a year in turkey and watched he quite alot,i sum him up as a big powerful player with a gentle touch,turkish leage dosnt have many goals like german league so any player not playing in big three team,galatasary-fenabacher-besiktas to score double figuers is really rare so 5mill for yilmaz is a must,hes built for premiership and i hope arsenal.

  3. From this limited vignette, he seems a decent player-quick, shoots from long range, etc.
    But how can one make a call based on this?
    Every fan wants to have an opinion thinking this is “football manager”.

  4. He is a nice player wenger go get him we need good players such as m’villa,jan vonghten,hazard,podolski,nd sell does diaby,sequllaci,arshavin,chamakh,nd bench walcott nd ramsey so there will learn beta nd always loosin their chances

    1. up to last 6-7 games i agreed with the walcott statment but i have to be big enough to say i think i was wrong,but only at home where he doesnt need to track back as much,all he needs now for me is final ball his judgement is sometimes poor as for ramsey good bench player cant see him starting many with jack back and we still looking for one more midfielder.

  5. Looks good but so was chamakh ! Wenger needs to get someone small and fast , like suarez, aguero kind. I dont think he will make it because arsenal plays more passes and in this video he seems to be the last man. Arsenals playing style will not suit him

    1. i take in what you say,but,chamakh i believe was bought for his heading abilaty,and a starter,i think yilmaz has more to bring he can move fast interack with wingers and shoot not to sure of his heading abilaty but on foot he shoots from close long hard soft touch with plenty of tecnique to ajust,chamakh didnt bring this he was too 1 dimension and foe 5-7 mill will be a bargin!

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