Would you Sign Yossi Benayoun?

Yossi Benayoun has gotten much attention due to two good performances off the back for Arsenal. Benayoun is only on a season long loan from Chelsea. So the question is, will you sign him? Vote and leave a comment below.


16 thoughts on “Would you Sign Yossi Benayoun?

  1. I think Arsen Wenger must sign Yossi because he is a good player. I like his combination with Rosicky. I like that squad between Arsenal and AC Milan at Emirates during Champions League. I wish Wenger can use it again when we play with Chelsea.

    Gooner for life!!!!!!!

  2. Every poll I’ve ever seen has been in favour of buying. (Save perhaps one for Joey Barton). Arsenal fans who vote in these things must be a desperate lot. As for Yossi; too old and if he’s not good enough for CFC why is he for us? Plus, he’s taking a spot that an academy player should fill when he’s not going to be around long. That just retards others, like Lansbury, future development.

  3. He is an excellent squad player to bring for spot starts and the last twenty minutes when we need energy. He is reported to be good in the locker room and good at settling down the younger players.

    But I voted no. He is not happy with his playing time here and it would eventually tell in his play. He is old and at high wages. I think it would be better to give his roster space to a youngster, Eisfeld for example.

    That being said, I wouldn’t in anyway be upset if Wenger signed him.

  4. Benayoun experience will be a key factor 4 our title chase next season.wenger should endeavour to give him a year deal.He is a class on his own.i love yossi.

  5. I think he has d skill n experience 2 hlp arsenal win difficult matches. He has shown that in matches like arsenal vs totteham hutspur, arsenal vs mancity, arsenal vs wolves. I know he can prove himslf in a host of matches.

  6. nope! he’s not our player. if he did well in the last 2 games doesn’t mean we should give him a contract. stop being so sentimental, we have our own youth who can take his place. coquelin also had a good season, he needs games, so is lansbury, frimpong, aneke, ozyakup. thank you for your service yossi and honestly i am not sure why we signed him in the first place.
    our top youth are a year older since we signed him and its time they get minutes on the pitch

    1. Hi. I think yossi benayoun is the most skilled a nd talented midfielders in epl and so we should sign him

  7. he’s a good player whos talent is highly needed by arsenal nxt season.wenger should not let a golden chance be whisked away by ungreatful chelsea.pliz pliz wenger sign yossi.

  8. sign him for what. Did you see so many times he gave away the ball against city? He always seems to be chasing the ball and then he makes some wild tackles

  9. Signing Yossi is a terrible move, we have been linked to M’villa, Hazard, and a host of other midfielders, then add to the list the return of wilshere, and Ramsey should be less poor, and our pipeline of young midfielders, where is Yossi going to play?

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