Welcome Podolski to Arsenal (video)


27 thoughts on “Welcome Podolski to Arsenal (video)

  1. Hmmmmmmm……..Podo podo, u r my dream player which I want to see in Arsenal JERSEY….Welcome home podo’s a home where players and fans love u. I love u.

  2. Why can’t Wenger buy a better striker?? first, RVP is left footed, now Podoski also left footed.. wht arsenal need is a strong & Rugged right footed striker that defenders will scared of.. Wht happened to the likes of Ba, Cisse & Moses?? He jst goes to any league, buy players about to be relegated and wen they come, play a few games and it’s all over.. See the likes of Chamakh, Park and Gervinho, wht have they played for arsenal? It should have been better to send Chamakh on loan to allow Bendtner time at the club, at least he can face defenders one on one, not Chamakh that couldn’t face defenders nor goal in all the matches he managed to play all season. If not for RVP, i’m so sure arsenal will be 11 on the table today.. Wenger shuld buy players frm within the PL, see hw Arteta helped arsenal all season b4 his injury, if he were to come frm another league, he would have used all season tryin to adapt to the PL.. Wenger act wisely..

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