New Leaked Photo of the New Home Shirt


11 thoughts on “New Leaked Photo of the New Home Shirt

  1. I dont care its a sh#t team with no true ethics of basic football or defending and always looking for excuses to blame officials. I hope RVP leaves and Spurs and newcastle finish 3rd and 4th so we stop fooling ourselves and learn a vital lesson. simple as

    1. Ley, don’t lose faith in our team. Yes, our defence seemed like it was sleeping for the full game, but we must not allow ourselves to start hating on our team. Now more than ever they need our support and we must cheer them on.

      1. Props to kos if it wernt for him it would have been even worse, he made some unbelievable saving chalkenges

  2. Ley why dont you just go to a sp*rs site instead of writing your crap on here.
    The shirt is crap since when did we have black in our colours? Looks like a utd shirt from 10 years ago

  3. The answer to our problem is Wenger.I will continue saying that as long as we have this good for nothing coach call Wenger who have lost the coaching protential in life it will not be easy for this club to excell and the club will lost all its good started immediately after the club’s historic season of unbeatable and this calamity has got no solution for the past seven years and still the coach is good.It is only when you see Arsenal playing championship then you can know the your best coach is the worst coach.

  4. I agree wit u alhaji! Everytime the team is winning, we fans easily forget the ROOT of our plight- Arsene Wenger! Until our problem is dealt wit from the root, we wil keep going front and back! How can u have a chambelain on the bench and start ramsey and/or gervinho? No coach wil do that! He keeps saying hez protecting the boy from too much pressure yet he only brings him in as a magician, for quick fix of the scoreline wen his ramfavouritez have spoilt the match already! THE MAN WENGER IS A FOOL! (though i must add szczney kept like a school boy today!)

    1. I was there and gervinho played really well second half, one of our best. No one has a go at vermaelen for having a shocker today, schezny was awful as well. None of the 3 in CM took any defensive responsibility. If you watched the game you clearly know nothing about football!

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