Gazidis Reveals Transfer Market plans + Goals for the Future

Ivan Gazidis has revealed that the club is eyeing to win the Champions League and Premier League in coming seasons. He also revealed that he is happy about the important signing of Podolski, and insists there is more to come.

“We have to take a step further and win the Premier League or win the Champions League – that’s what our goal is,” Gazidis told the Chinese version of the club’s official website, according to Arseblog.

“We added an important player in Podolski and we will have the return of Jack Wilshere this year, which will be a big boost for the team.

“We are also talking to people in this summer’s transfer market, I think there will be something exciting for our fans to be happy about.

“We want to do business carefully. We don’t have to add many players, but we have to be very selective. The players we add must bring something to the team.

“That’s what Wenger is doing and he’s done a good job over the year to identify special talent. I am sure he will do it again.”


12 thoughts on “Gazidis Reveals Transfer Market plans + Goals for the Future

  1. This club is going nowhere unless we splash the cash and sign big names. Spurs are going to overtake us unless we stop bringing up youth and start spending.

  2. @andrei
    the young is good- think of jack wilshere, the ox, ramsey, ryo,
    what we need in my opinion is yann mvila and and a good left back
    also seydou doumbia would be a good signing because he would link up with gervinho his internatiol teamate and he could play wing or striker.

  3. if RVP stays n play a long with podosky,b’ve me thinks will b gud nxt season,n if nasri wants 2 kam back well wenger must welkam hm bak home coz we all knw that no place lyk home,

    1. Sorry, but you have seriously lost it. Nasri was a 1/2 season wonder. The simply fact that it is being suggested that Nasri might be released by citeh after just one season, sums him up completely.

  4. Nothing but lip service..”we’re going to do this,we’re going to win that”, where have we heard this before? Oh yeah “We need to leave Highbury to Compete with the likes of United, Chelsea, Real and Barcelona”

  5. Some arsenal fans are serıously retarded!! There can be nothıng posıtıve concernıng the Arsenal, even when top management ıs talkıng about there DEFINATELY beıng new sıgnıngs they stıll talk shıt?! Well there’s 1 thıng ı’d lıke 2 say 2 all of u Ant-Arsenal Arsenal fans “FUCK OFF u bunch of faır-weather fuckıng supporters! Grow a paır of balls n man up! U lot sound lıke a whole bunch of bıtches havıng a contest 2 see who can bıtch the most!” U don’t deserve to call such a beautıful club “yours”. Infact ı don’t consıder u guys 2 be supporters, not ın the true sense of the word. Go fuck off 2 da spuds ı heard they ın need of a new manager, u guys should be perfect 4 that job seeıng as arsenal’s manager ıs an ıdıot and ya’ll know better than hım.
    Gunner ı was, Gunner ı am, Gunner ı wıll always be

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