Arsenal Transfer Targets Speak About Future

Arsenal transfer targets Yann M’Vila and Oliver Giroud have both opened up about their futures. They may not have revealed a lot, but both players have made some somewhat reassuring comments.


“I have heard Arsenal are interested in me,” M’Vila told the Daily Star Sunday. “I like Arsenal and I like the Premier League.

“I don’t know what is happening with the clubs, but yes, I would be interested in the Premier League and Arsenal.”

Olivier Giroud

It’s nice that people talk about me but I can’t talk about my future right now,” Giroud said.


16 thoughts on “Arsenal Transfer Targets Speak About Future

  1. Getting both players would be great for the club hope fully we can ship out most the deadwood just a shame we cant entice Vertonghen and Goetze to really send a message to Van Persie and the fans we mean buisness next season

  2. Don’t just want them talk abt us but,to join us is d real thing. So, AW should act real fast to signal positive message to rvp that arsenal mean buz come next season.

  3. Dat wil be a huge Achievement dis Summer.D Failure n Succes of Arsenal next Season lies in d hands of A.W, He should Act Real Fast.

  4. They are business like this time,lets wait and see how the transfer window goes,hope vp stays if not let him go.up gonnersssss

    1. if rvp wants to go,let him can people claim they want to go to clubs dat win trophiz yet they were brought in to do the same at arsenal?

  5. We Gooners love RVP but there’s a limit to that love because if he really cared about us he’d have let us know his intentions in advance ie (staying or going) so we could sign a replacement or replacements well in time for them to prepare for the coming season Well at least with the demise of Holland in the Euros we’ll soon know or will we fellow Gooners? so c’mon Robin fly away or stay? there’s a limit to our love

  6. If only the two could stop talking about their love 4 Arsenal n join us,Arsenal will b serious titles contenders,ARSENAL TILL AND AFTER DEATH!

  7. Plz let AW sighn both player’s nd try to persuad vert 2 com so that com next season w”ll be title contenders

  8. I cant wait to see them in arsenal jersey and as for vanpasie solder go and solder come and barrack stil remains. I salute you all gunner fans

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