Confirmed Picture of the New Away Kit


I’m usually okay with Nike trying something different than the regular plain  jerseys each season, but on this one, I think they may have gone a little bit overboard. Purple and black have never been our colors,so why are we wearing them?


33 thoughts on “Confirmed Picture of the New Away Kit

  1. This is cool, May be these colors will bring back the much awaited glory who knows?

    What matter most is being a gunner.

  2. Is purple and black ur home traditional colours? So wats ur problem wit purple? Any cool colour combination should go for an away kit so i dont want to read that ‘we have never won it b4’ trash u are saying! I think its cool!

  3. Awful!!!!!! Our away kit last year was great why change it every year? Stripes are for New castle and Scottish teams.. YUCK!

  4. T’is not the worst,t’is not the best, it will grow on you like your cock when you see a naked lady me thinks.

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