Resurrection of Diaby + New Look (again)

Hello all, hope that you are surviving another international break. This one has not gone too badly for Arsenal, as their are no new injuries to report of, yet. Diaby has been having a particularity good week, having been motm v Liverpool and then scoring for France on his international comeback.

I have always had a love-hate relationship with Diaby, having seen what he can do you can get all excited, but then you can also see what he lacks and how poor he can be. I remember he once scored a brace against Pompey a couple of seasons ago and people were talking about how he was the next Vieria, only for him to concede an own goal against United in 2-1 loss the following week. That actually could have been the start of Diaby’s bad luck, as he has been struck by injuries for such a long period of time.

Anyways, seeing Diaby back in action, and actually playing good, makes me feel much more comfortable about Wenger not signing anyone in the final week of the transfer window. I was hoping for M’vila, as he would have been more of a strong DM that we have been needing after not having the best season for defending midfielders the year before. Song always pushed up too much and it seems like Diaby likes to come forward, but I trust Steve Bould’s new tactics will work and we won’t have too hard of a time conceding goals this season.

Finally, I have a new look for the blog. I leave you with this poll so you can sort of decide what each post will look like. The two options are listed below. It’s not a big choice but, um, have fun voting.

Option 1- Current Post format

Option 2- Full width post- would look like this link


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