Arsenal after Spanish Forward?- Walcott Disease- Giroud and Diaby News


Not much going on in the world regarding Arsenal, however, as always, there are a few bits and rumors to talk about.

Firstly, Spanish Striker Adrian Lopez has apparently stalled on contract talks with Atletico Madrid. Adrian Lopez currently has a release cause of £14.5m and is currently being linked with us and Sp*rs. Have I ever seen this player play before? Most likely not. However, I am all for Wenger bringing in another striker considering the only player that I am okay with playing up front with is Giroud. I do not have any confidence in Chamakh and I don’t like Podolski as the main man up front, considering how well he tracks back and does for us on the left wing.

The first bad news of the internationals has come in and no prizes for guessing who is on the treatment table… Mr. Abou Diaby. He has reportedly picked up a nasty knock and has not trained with the team. Let’s hope that this one doesn’t end up lasting a full season. Walcott has also been sent home due to the fact that he is violently ill according to Roy Hodgson.

Olivier Giroud is the other man in the news. He has declared the reason for his poor finishing due to his nerves, by saying that he is freezing up in front of goal. If only he can take some of the heating up that comes afterwards and put that in front of goal then we may have a goal-scorer in the team.

I have faith in Giroud, and after seeing him play a few times, he sort of reminds me of a mixture between Van Persie and Bendtner. His movement off the ball is good, and the positions he is getting into are really reassuring. Plus, he adds something that Van Persie didn’t bring to the team, which was a threat in the air. All Giroud needs now is Bendtner’s confidence and a bit of luck, and then I am sure we will see the man that Wenger sees in training.


2 thoughts on “Arsenal after Spanish Forward?- Walcott Disease- Giroud and Diaby News

  1. Daibi should not go back to injury now that we need him most! And as for lopez he is good and he can not be compare to chamack i dont even know why chamack stil remains at arsenal

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