Norwich v Arsenal- Match Thoughts


Arsenal have always had problems dealing with games after the international break, and this time it was the same, and it showed that no matter who Arsenal play, they will have problems with games after Internationals. This was the most lackluster performance I have seen by Arsenal for a very long time. Here are some thoughts:

  • The goal conceded was very unconvincing. Mannone should have had that covered, Santos should not have been playing Norwich onside and Mertesacker may have been a bit quicker to the ball. Once Tettey picked up the ball, you knew that he was shaping up to shoot, and although it was a powerful shot, Mannone should have had that one covered. It swerved a little bit but no Premier League side goalkeeper should have parried it like that. Then Holt was first to the ball and tapped it home.
  • It was like having 11 Denilsons on the pitch. Denilson is known for his sideways non-creative passing and that was exactly what Arsenal was today. I have never seeen Arsenal play with so little creativity. It was painful to watch as you knew that they had no cutting edge.
  • We rely on Cazorla far too much. One man cannot carry the team, and that seemed to be one of Arsenal’s problems, Cazorla was the man trying to do too much as no one else tried anything. Yes Cazorla is a great player and a game changer, but we have to stop looking for him for everything.
  • When we bring on Serge Gnabry on to help us score, we know we have to dip into the transfer window again. If I were Arsene Wenger, I would be looking to sign an Experienced winger who is creative and daring, and a top class striker. We look so plain right now, Arsenal needs some more fire power and that’s what Wenger needs to add.

7 thoughts on “Norwich v Arsenal- Match Thoughts

    1. Ummm Who? You? No one can do what Arsene wenger has done with arsenal with this litlle resourses and some average players. Always finshing in top four. Even chelsea or liverpool or tottenham cant manage that with their millions. Think what u r saying. U supporting football team but u dont kno nothing about football, I hate so called fans like you. Sorry.

  1. Gooner Cris, while I agree with most of your points, I strongly disagree with others:
    1)Gnarby is an excellent prospect and one who WILL make a difference this season.
    2) It is way too soon to judge Mannone…albeit he seems to have unsteady hands at times.
    3) Wilshere, Diaby, Walcott, Rosicky and now the Ox are out BUT the entire chemistry will change once they return.
    4) Our failure to score yesterday is NOT an endemic thing, we have scored in tough games and our defense is still solid…..we will get back on track….because the players are as ashamed as we are after that performance.

  2. this blog is sure goonermonkey
    because so many monkeys here

    what wenger has done with arsenal ??? HAHAHAAHAHA mate top 4 must really be impressive for you .

    1. Look at the ape calling us monkeys! Choochoo take your little shit-filled train and bugger off to Spudsland or sherever your rathole is. Your ignorance is exceeded onkly by your stupidity and neither are curable!

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