Arsenal V Swansea- 3 Points a Must

For the past few games (excluding Tottenham), Arsenal have been very poor in my eyes. Yes, a draw against Everton is a pretty good result but for the club, we shouldn’t be aiming to draw against Everton. Since when have we become a team where having 1 shot on target the entire game is normal? Since when Wenger lost his competitiveness and accepts abysmal performances? These things have been irritating me lately, and that’s why we need a great performance at home against Swansea.

Last season, Arsenal barely beat Swansea from a defencive error which Arshavin capitalized on. Then, in the reverse fixture, Swansea beat Arsenal 3-2 and it was a poor performance by Arsenal. Swansea are only one point behind us after 14 games. This is truly unacceptable to me. However, it is sadly something that we have come to expect over the course of the season.

Rumors have been suggesting lately that Wenger has the funds to spend for two signings this January. If it was me, I would go ahead and sign Huntelaar to partner him up with Giroud. I will also get Zaha, even if Walcott signs a new contract. After watching the past few games, you can see that we badly need a player that can change things up out of nowhere. That is what I hope Zaha will be.

Giroud has been great for the past few weeks. I feel he has adapted well to the league. The problem is, I don’t think Arsenal are supplying him properly. That is why I would sign Huntelaar to partner him up with Giroud. Switch to a 4-4-2. Huntelaar is a fox-in-the-box, a player that is going to grab goals. Giroud is a fighter, but he isn’t the biggest goal scorer.

Tomorrow against Swansea, I am hoping that Arsenal start Walcott and Podolski, the latter being “under the weather” to play against Everton. Walcott was said to be injured for most of the second half against Everton and I hope Wenger has the right mind to play him. He has been very influential when he has played this season, more than any other player in my opinion.

Arsenal should beat Swansea. Then again, Arsenal should beat most of the teams they play against. That hasn’t been the case and tomorrow is the perfect way to start a new run of form in the league. My final score prediction is 1-0 Arsenal. Don’t see Arsenal scoring many because they just can’t. Our defence did well against Everton and I am hoping for more of the same from them.


3 thoughts on “Arsenal V Swansea- 3 Points a Must

  1. Dnt av any idea watz rng with diz arsenal team dy stat matches lukn tird nd end dm lukn tird….i tink we nid vry vry determined playas dat cn encourage d rst f d team 2 actualy fight 4 wins.tnx

  2. i think this match will be a really good match for ze spectator but InshaALLAH we’ll win it 3-0.

    Giroud, Cazorla and Arshavin.

  3. The problem is fielding in of players. We have quality and top class players except few. Adopt a 4 4 2 formation. Supply more passes into the box

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