Would you Sack Wenger? (poll)


After a few abysmal performances this season, many Arsenal fans believe that Wenger’s time at Arsenal should come to an end. What do you think? If you would sack him, why? Vote and leave a comment below.


67 thoughts on “Would you Sack Wenger? (poll)

  1. I’ll consider wenger till january before telling him to join the board and allow fresh brains at the managerial seat. His time surely is up and his styles acake too.

  2. There is time for everthin dis is time 4 arsene wenger 2 go bcos of calaminity at emirate pls arsene wenger go….

  3. No freaking way. No top manager would do his job, needless to say none of them would truly love the club. We had just alerted PSG to nick him when his contract expires…

    1. You are totally wrong, can’t you see every smaller team coaches are outsmarting him tactically and motivating their own team dude? So anyone who knows the team or played for the club before will do better. In the mean time we made him or got him categorized under ‘top managers’ list.

  4. I thing his philosophy has fail. Its getting from bad to worst,i sincerely wish we dont make it to champion leauge next season as dis will surely convince Wenger dat he has fail

  5. Is too long 7 years, fans angry, children cryin, he is liar doesnt tell truth, selling best players, doesnt have ambition. Really useless.

  6. Sinces he does want to spend money on players, and now things have change forget the past, now it is a new generation. Then he does not consider that. So what next ? Let him rest or we can proceed

  7. D board should sack him bcos he is not putting any progress in d club instead buying players D̶̲̥̅̊at does not worth it

  8. The major problem in the team for now is mikel Arteta. He is definitely tired without many people and even the coach noticing it. I think the team needs a solid defensive midfielder. Where I an unhappy with arsene is that he sat down despite that the team where very poor against a lower club. It is obvious this present team has nothing to offer the fans. I got this when the coach and players where happy with a draw at everton.

  9. Ok we say sack Wenger can anyone name a replacement who can operate under such tight constraints and will be able to attract players? I’ll be all for it then.

  10. Wenger brain has expaire in term of managerial aspect. From 2007 till date things are geting wost for arsenal fc. Shame one stan, shame on wenger, shame on gazidis, shame on all arsenal stake holder that support wenger, and finaly shame to the hole Arsenal fans in london for keeping silent for seven years without trophy. NB: if u support wenger in your mind without saying it out tunder will strike you to death.

  11. Arsene wenger has lost an idea , he has no more ideas to move arsenal forward. everyday the same formation that does not work

  12. Wenger isn’t the problem. he’s a part of it & his part can be fixed. The problem is the board that is stiffed neck. They don’t seems to realise that the fans have a say on how the club is run. Give Wenger money to buy quality players for Arsenal to be serious about winning trophies again. Wenger is stubborn with his philosophy which hasn’t worked out as he may have wanted & trying to balance the books based on the stadium investment.I think it’s telling on Wenger now how he has lost the plot of his invincibility with the club fans & the football world over his failed philosophy on kids.

  13. Pls who do u want to employ when u sack Wenger ? Do u have to sack ur brain cos u’ve been working to get rich for over 50 yrs and u are not ? Wengers fault is obvious but any coach will do same under same board. All we need is trim down the team and pay good players the wages of 3 useless ones, Buy Falcao type player and pay him the wages of Chamack, Arshavin and Gervinho, buy Yaya Toure type and pay him the wages of Ramsey, Squillachi and Denilson, buy Hart like keeper and pay him wages of Fabianski and Mamone and Bendtner. Then upgrade some talents to complete the squad. Chambo and co are future players not now. iiissshhh

    1. Easy but simplistic comments…..where will we find these 3 in 1 superstars at an affordable price AND how do we sell all these 1 in 3 players to teams who are NOT buying?

  14. Wenger is fustrating me hw cm 4 d past 7year no trophy stil u stil don want to spend money 2 by a gud player we are tire of him he should go

  15. I dont know why people are calling for wenger’s head. Is wenger the owner of arsenal fc? Is he the one in charge of their finance? The £150 million emirate deal, is it in wenger’s bank account? Let us stop beating about the bush and face reality. If the management is sure they are not the problem of the club let them bring out money and buy first class players. After all wenger was not around when they brought in Arteta and a few others on a transfer deadline day. Chelsea’s owner do buy quality players for his coach. If the board really want wenger and arsenal to succeed they can go for falcao, c ronaldo and many other great players. If they can get good players for him wont he make use of them? Please let wenger be and lets face this stingy board. They will never sack wenger because if another coach should takeover with the way the team is being run arsenal will be worse than what it is now in performance.

  16. Beautiful nonsense! I’m sick of those fans paying heavily to watch mediocre players and STUBBORN MANAGER complecantly display their brazen inconsistency. I ve being mocked on daily basis because of the CLUB i ve always loved. Kroenke must go! Gazidis and Hill-Wood ve both expired. I urge the Black scarfs to stage a more serious protest such that away fans stands ll be empty on our EUFA fixture come midweek. I think that Wenger needs some rest.

  17. Some pple are talking abt d board here,pls d problem arsenal is avin is wenger.wenger has notin 2 offer us again,hw can a coach who has nt won anytin for past 7yrs still sells his best players nd buy dead woods?or is it d board dat sold V.persie nd both in giroud nd d rest?pls will nid wenger 2 leave our beloved club ooooo

  18. Ppls says we play gud football, pls if i may ask,is there anytin gud in our football again?wenger’s brain is dead abeg,pls if he has shame he ought 2 resign.hw can a manager wont win a single trophy 4 d past seven years nd he still selling his best player nd continue buying dead woods?

  19. Why are some people calling for the sacking of wenger instead of the board, afterall the money generated in the sale of fabregas, nasri, clichy, van-pasie, song, vela etc was it paid into wenger account ?, it is the board who approval for the sale of all these star players.

  20. Anoda problem arsenal is avin are d fans in london.hw can a fan b paying dat huge amount of money 2 watch our team play 4 seven years witout a trophy nd still they will bring 2 d stadium in arsene they trust.who’s arsene?God purnish wenger nd all arsenal board member.but 1 thing i knw 4 sure is,i will not leave arsenal 4 wenger,he’ll b d one 2 leave 4 me.stupid wenger

  21. I think is abosutely time for Mr wenger to left the club the for self reliance board,Arsenal board can not change there economic policy,and wil soon run wenger career…Arsenal management board are working for porpuse of buying and selling.

  22. Aston villa manager resigned bcoz they sold ashley young 2 man utd, bt wenger will prepared his best players 2 sell dat cl is trofy. Hsi time is end 4 gud, fuck wenger’s fans, london fans are monkey.

  23. Arsene wenger is partly to be blame because he is always on the side of the irational arsenal fc board who has no interest of the club at heart but are just profit oriented

  24. Who ever said dat arsenal wenger deserv to contunuesily coachin arsenal so, he’s totaly mad n mental..Wenger didn’t deserv to be coach at all.why bcos lack of modern experiences lack of wife, brain cancer,storbune.He is better to be sack with no respect!

  25. I thought is tym 4 asene wenger 2leave d post of manager… nd go 4 anoda fresh brain lyk Roberto Di matteo or pepp guadiola… Pls wenger go!!!.

  26. Wenger is an old dude,always talking smart but the man has not done anything good for us…. In 7 years except trading our top asserts for their own benefit. Great teams win things,they don’t sell their stars. Selling is more important than winning in Arsene’s eyes. He must fuck off and Pep must come. That’s my words!


  28. If arsene wenger manages a rich club like man city or chelsea, no one can easily defeat him because the club has got the money to spend and wenger has got the talent and experience.
    There is nothing wrong with the manager. The fact is that the board is not giving him enough resources to prove his spirit.
    All they have to do is the board need to spend money to keep the best players and buy some good players if the want to win something after seven years.

  29. What a bunch of cretins,morons and whiny,gloomy infants on this website….none of you are fit to lick Wenger’s boots never mind judge him or scream for his dismissal. Thank God nobody is listening to you, who could actually do something.

  30. Right on, Bismarck…Pay top dollar for the right guys at the expense of the deadwood, even if they could leave on a free in January. Eg Zlatan’s wages for Chamakh, Bendtner and another.

    Meanwhile, RAmsey is squad player and so are Jenkinson(good one), Coquelin or even Arteta. Can see Arteta lasting the whole season for 50 odd games; hence we need a great DM and Diaby alternating with wilshere or cazorla fast.. Ox, Miyachi etc etc

    Give The MAN some respect, so until the end of season at least..He needs to get his Mojo back…

    4-4-2 pls @ the Emirates or even 3-5-2 for winning sake !! THis could work…

  31. Was it about resources that wenger did not buy defensive midfielder? Not all rather he said ‘i hav arteta, coquelin, diaby n also wilshire cud play there too’. Any coach apart frm wenger wud take atleast Essien. WENGER MUST GO!

  32. For how many year will he end the youth project. (Please sack wenger now) selling the quality players and replacing with quantity.

  33. Its time for him to go, because he can not learn from his mistakes and he have no respect for the fans that paid the highest ticket price and buy a star players shirt and burn it in the next season because he sold the player to a rival.

  34. Wenger is a big problem at Arsenal. He just want to sell players but without replacing them. Wenger is unthinkable and he must learm from Ferguson . Wenger must not mould a team of unexperienced players only l thought last season he learnt a lot when our team was thumbed 8 vs 2. Wenger must go now and we need any new coach with fresh ideas. He lied for seven yrs and he cannot take us anywhere.

  35. Rant all you like, he’s not going. The board won’t sack him, and he won’t leave atleast until next season. And I think he will genuinely turn this around, especially if Rosicky and Diaby stay fit.

  36. he shouldn’t go. he should be warned not to sell any of the players from the present squad and should buy more relevant players.

  37. Go out wenger if u dont go God will punish u, we dont need u anymore. Out wenger, poor manager wenger is old, out fuk u. OUT

  38. Both wenger and that rubbish board must go now . Wenger is running out of ideas i think a new coach can achieve with the same players and with the same useless board. Even if wenger given the money to buy players he just buy the parks, Chamacks, spuallchs,dorus and give back the whole money to the facken, useless board. Wenger will not change and some are his onwn problems. Wenger must go first b4 the the facken board and we want a new coach who will cast his net wider not Wenger who just go home and his French players who are useless. Arsenal must go for quality, sharp strikers not Henry.

  39. Lets face it arsene has lost the plot but thats becoz he runs the club by himself david diens departure in 2006 is why arsene has failed! They shared a vision of arsenal bieng world beaters and they did it and no team wil be as special as our immortals not even the current hollywood actors of barcelona! step up ivan gazidis the man who thinks our club is the london stock exchange and poisoned the mind of our great manager and the rest is history and arsene is now at the point of no return! Sack him and start fresh but lets never forget wat arsene gave us

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