Arsenal’s Igaming Sponsor Another in a Growing Trend of Gambling Sponsorships

emirates_stadium_2I don’t know how many of you closely follow corporate sponsorship deals of teams around the Premier League, but those of you that do have probably noticed that online gambling or iGaming sites have been increasingly getting involved with the game of football.  Several teams around the Premier League have sponsorship deals in place with iGaming companies, and that includes Arsenal.

Arsenal’s deal is currently with online betting site Betsson.  The company has a long history in the iGaming market and used to be housed on bwin’s Ongame Network.  Yes, that would be the same bwin who has a deal in place with our rivals Manchester United.

The Gunners deal with Betsson is one known as a “betting partner” deal.  This means essentially that Betsson is responsible for administering any type of betting systems incorporated by the club whether it be online or at the stadium.  For those that actually like to partake in iGaming, and are in countries where it is legal, you can try out  The site is an Arsenal themed skin for Betsson.

While iGaming may not be the typical sponsorship path that one would expect for football, it is one that makes sense considering the amount of action that players give online sportsbooks in connection with football.  A site that can get their brand out in front of millions of footballers has a solid chance of increasing their user base.

In addition, deals such as Arsenal’s deal with Betsson could help squads to expand their brand worldwide.  Gaming laws are constantly in a state of flux, especially in countries like the United States where many predict iGaming to become legalized soon.  When sites like Betsson expand into new territory, they can help expose fans to Arsenal and convert them into Gunner fans.

Gambling has become more socially acceptable over the last few years thanks in part to the WSOP and other televised gambling shows.  Igaming companies have been taking advantage of this and have formed new partnerships to grow their brands.  As such, do not be surprised to see even more teams take up iGaming sponsorships in the future and for Arsenal to retain iGaming sponsors for years to come.


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