It Would Take More Than a Miracle to Save Our Season


On Wednesday, Arsenal will travel to Munich for their big game against Bundesliga lords Bayern Munich. Having already been defeated 3-1 at home by the Germans, a comeback seems to be mission impossible. Gervinho says that a miracle could still happen, but in all honesty, we will need more than a miracle to turn this pitiful season into one to remember.

Arsenal’s downfall this season has come from many factors and each supporter of the club has their story and are sticking with it. Perhaps the most negatively commented factor is why the club failed to sign any more players in the January transfer window. Most fans will be throwing their fists towards the manager, Arsene, but I feel that the board is most responsible for our lack of activity.

We have a good squad. Cazorla, Arteta, and Wilshere. That midfield trio has to be one of the best in the league. Therefore, Arsene won’t spend a penny in the midfield. We have good players in most positions but if you look past those players, there really isn’t much there. Aaron Ramsey for example, he was supposed to be our next great thing. After his injury, he hasn’t looked nearly good enough for the league, let alone a top side. Diaby, another player who has had their share of injuries, can’t pass to a player 5 yards ahead of him. We are seriously lacking in depth, and while we continue to kid ourselves that our squad is compete, the Manchester clubs are going to run away with the title for seasons to come.

The board used to be the backbone of the club. You had people who cared deeply about the club and were ready to make the decisions. Today, the lack of enthusiasm that seems to be around the club is frightening. We have an “owner” that is basically a hoarder of sports teams. Ivan Gazidis does not seem like a person that has any qualifications to be a “chief executive”.

“We’re the team in red?”

Recent rumors have discussed the possibility of a takeover bid from a consortium from the U.A.E. Rumors state that if the takeover is completed, the clubs debts would be wiped out and there will be more money to invest in players for the summer. Also, Ivan Gazidis will get a £5m exit while Kroenke will get a great profit. I am open to the idea of this happening because with the direction that the club is heading, we need to get a big push that will start letting us compete.

Another talking point is that of Arsene Wenger’s future at the club. This season has shown that he is not the tactician that he used to be. For example, Aaron Ramsey slotting into right back while Mertesacker playing Centre Forward is not uncommon. With the talent in the squad, surely we should be scoring goals or at least getting shots on target. You have to wonder if a different manager is the key to unlocking success for the club. David Moyes, Jurgen Klopp, and Remy Garde are all three managers that have been linked to being the successor of Arense Wenger. The debate between Arsenal fans remains to be, should Arsene be let go or does he deserve to stay?

The game on Wednesday has lots of importance. Any form of victory could be crucial in the remaining fixtures in the Premier League. A drumming will crush the morale and a top four finish will be very unlikely. The club needs its supporters more now than ever, so instead of criticizing and booing, let’s end the season better than how we started, by fighting.


4 thoughts on “It Would Take More Than a Miracle to Save Our Season

  1. Another whiner, pessimist moaning about what a disaster our season is and how it will all end badly. We have too many of you groaning, entitled spoilt brats pretending to know what is going on with the Club. There are, thankfully, multitudes more positive and appreciative true supporters called Gooners, who take pride in whatever AFC does, beacuse they know that whining and crying like you lot adds nothing to the Club and only serves the crap media and anti-Arsenal brigades endless rant against Wenger and all things Arsenal. Here’s a novel idea; how about getting behind our team and cheering them on regardless of what you are convinced the outcome will be? That would be a pleasant change!

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