Gooner Chat: What Would You Do If You Were In Arsene’s Position?

Hello and welcome to a brand new segment called “Gooner Chat” were us Arsenal fans discuss a football related topic. Today’s topic is “What Would You Do If You Were In Arsene’s Position?”.

Our goal is to reach at least 60-75 replies from you Gooners answering the question and debating with others. This is a good way to meet new Arsenal fans and learn what others are thinking.

If you agree with a comment, simply like it or if you don’t agree with it, dislike it. For the top 3 comments with the greatest amount of likes to dislikes, I will publish them on a new section called “Comments of the Week”.

So go ahead, “What Would You Do If You Were In Arsene’s Position?”


10 thoughts on “Gooner Chat: What Would You Do If You Were In Arsene’s Position?

  1. Wow I do not think I would be in Wenger’s position My pride would mean more to me then the 75K a week this board pays him. Especially when he could get another contract the day after he quit. I would STOP covering for this inept board and their lack of ambition and come right out and tell it like it is even if it got me fired so be it. Arsenal are in the position they are because of transfers blunders that go back as fair as letting Vieira leave. Sure at the time we had Cesc bit imagine him WITH Vieira as well. Wenger may honestly have believed in the youth policy back then (with Cesc being so good at only 17 no wonder he did) BUT at this point I cant believe even he would approve of the selling of Cole, Henry, Cesc RVP, Nasri, Song, Touré, Clichy without spending to replace them with world class players. This is Wenger’s biggest flaw that a José Mourinho type would never do he covers for the board when Mourinho would call them out for NOT giving him the funds to WIN. That is why I am NOT one to be calling for the head of Wenger as I just can not believe he really approves of the choices the club is making he is just forced to deal with them.

  2. Now- Allow our players to play in their proper positions, and start playing a 5-4-1. That way, when we press or counter, we have 3 at the back.
    Also, play Wilshire as close to a true 10 as possible with the squad we have.

    Let Frimpong, Arshavin, Squicalli, Bendtner, Park, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Giroud, Ramsey, Gervinho, Diaby, Denilson, Djorou, Santos, Gomez, and Chamakh leave.

    Pick up Samba and Cesar on the cheap from QPR if they go down. Make Vela come back. Sign Capoue and Jovetic. If Pep pushes Robben out of Bayern, sign him up and put him on the Left.

  3. First thing I would do is get the dead wood off the team (squillaci, Bendtner, arshavin , djourou, denilson, santos, park, chamakh). This will most importantly allow our wage bill to decrease. Then I would reconstruct arsenal’s socialist wage structure and implement a structure that is indicative of a players role within a team. For example star players like santi and jack should be making significantly more than players like chamberlain and coquelin. However I do believe there should be bonus’s within ayers contract which are performance based. There should be team bonus ‘s like winning the premier league, qualifying for champions league etc… I also believe that players should also get bonus’s for starting a certain amount of games, goals, assists, clean sheets, etc… People might disagree with me here but money is a fantastic motivator. This wage structure will force players to work harder and improve which will ultimately benefit the team.
    After these monetary issues are settled I would ultimately try and sign as many players from this list that I could, goetze, jovetic, lukaku, Micah Richards, song, hummels

  4. If i was in mr Wenger position i would want to reorganise the club from top to bottom unless you change the board and bring in more directors who understand football also would like to see the AST more involved in the affairs of the club and it’s governance.Have a separate department who deals with contracts football is now to bigfor anyone individual to deal with players contracts either negotiate new or renew existing contracts including how much they will be paid.On the field trust my coaches to do the job of coaching and solving problems the coaching staff should be has much a team as the players and should be grooming them to take over when the manager leaves.More over make sure the manager and the scouting network are all on the same page on what type of player is required and more important would bring something to the club Managering.a club is now a huge job no one man can do it all so must place trust in the people around him and of course picking the right people in the first place success on the pitch starts in the boardroom.

  5. Some tweaking is needed but for the most part AFC are in good hands and if I were Wenger, I’d do the following tweaks:
    1) Remove or transfer Bendtner, Denilson,Santos, and Chamakh, and Mannone if there is no chance for him to play regularly,
    2) Allow Arshavin and Squillaci’s contracts to end this summer,
    3) Bring a few more from Malaga if at all possible (Isco?)
    4) Get Benzema from Real if at all possible,
    5) Promote more youth players like Coquelin Eisfeld, Akpom to first team duties whenever possible,
    6) Bring back Miyachi and Frimpong.
    7) Ignore (like he always has) the ignoramuses and amateur FFF managers on website like this!

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