Gooner Debate: Szczesny or Fabianski

With Fabianski impressing midweek against Bayern Munich, he surely has won over a few fans. However, he still remains to be an uncertain goalkeeper.

Szczesny has been having a mediocre season, being at fault for a few goals. Competition is good in the team, but can Szczesny bounce back?

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5 thoughts on “Gooner Debate: Szczesny or Fabianski

  1. Fabianski deserves a chance again with Szczesny’s dip in form, I think in the long run we need a world class goal keeper like Iker cassilas if we are to remain a top four team. Niether Fabianski, Szczesny and Mannone are good enough to play to starting eleven, it’s embarrising that both Tottemham’s goal keepers are better ours. It’s still not too late for to become a great club again, we just need to bring the right players to club and get rid of these players you are on loan or never even play because there useless like arshavin, chamakh, sqaulicci, bendtner, denilson and park

  2. You have to go with form at this time it has to be Fabianski.Szczesny will have to work to get his place back this can only be good for the team.

  3. Most posters on this site don’t have a clue about how to judge the skill and competency level of any of Arsenal’s players, never-mind their overall quality and ¨international or world class status. Watching Fabianski in the last two games (Bayern & Swans) , he has looked the more solid of the two but Szcesny’s record so far is not proving that he is having a dip in form, rather than he is still learning the trade. Fabiansi at 27 is reaching the start of his prime, while Szcesny at 22 is at least 6 years away. It is comparing apples and oranges with these two but Woijech claims that Fabianski is the no.1 international keeper in Poland right now, despite his injuries and past form. Szcesny’s record so far is 37 games played in all competitions, 5 man of the match awards, 21 victories, 9 ties and 6 defeats….hardly a poor season for a 22 year old.
    A keeper typically reaches top form between 28-30 years old and can go , like Buffon, until he’s in his forties, if he stays fit and enthusiastic. Both Fabianski and Szcesny get along well, they are both fairly tall fellows (Szces: 1.96m. Fab: 1.90m) and are very supportive of the Arsenal. Fabianski is the more serious of the two but also more injury prone. They make an excellent 1-2 option and with Fabianski seemingly in top form so far,the needed competition is only going to improve Szcesny’s desire to return to being # 1. Wenger, being the superb man-manager he is, will help both push on to greater heights (figuratively speaking). So my conclusion is that both make a great duo for the Arsenal and both are willing to backup each other.

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