Arsenal v Man Utd- Match Preview

Having already won the title, Man Utd will surely come to the Emirates with a weakened squad and let Arsenal grab a few as a thank-you for letting us have Van Persie. Heck, Ferguson may even fix that zipper on Wenger’s coat!

Okay, I am actually pleased that United won the title on Monday for this very reason. Sure, United will still try hard to win, but Arsenal’s chances will have gone up thanks to their title victory. Even Van Persie may not get the reception that he deserves.

With Tottenham’s draw with Wigan, Arsenal has a really good chance to finish in the top 4, if they can get a scalp from United. Arsenal’s recent form has been really impressive it has to say. Just like last season, Arsenal start slow and finish strong. This is even the pattern during games, as most of Arsenal’s goals this season have come in the second half of matches. Wenger will surely work on this during the off-season.

Anyways, I expect with Giroud’s absence that Arsene will start Podolski again. I am hopefully that he wont put Cazorla out on the wing or start the most inconsistent player in the squad, Gervinho. My preferred starting eleven would include Walcott and Podolski playing up front, while Wilshere, Cazorla, Rosicky, and Chambo intertwine things in midfield. Wenger, being who he is, will probably play a 4-2-3-1 again which is a totally unimaginative formation that is in dire need of some creativity. If you are going to play that formation, you have to have a defensive midfielder, not Arteta or Ramsey, two of whom that I am not in favor of starting.

Arsenal’s chances in this game are better than those of what I would have predicted earlier in the season. Let’s keep up this good run of form and grasp the 3 points.

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6 thoughts on “Arsenal v Man Utd- Match Preview

  1. Like the 4-4-2, although your mid doesn’t include any defensive player at all, which we need one even if it is arteta (better than ramsey, except as of late). Ox def has to play if not start. I would start Jenks if hes match sharp-Mert-Kos-Mon, Art-Wilsh, Ox-Carz-TW, Poldi (IMO). I’ve been listening to Can’t Stop Believing all week and for another month(usual Song of Month)!

  2. I think UTD will come out as focused and up for it as ever. They are chasing a record PL points total and Fergie likes titles and records.

    I am worried because our ‘run of form’ has had more to do with luck than skill.
    We were lucky against Norwich and if it hadn’t been for that penalty that caused them to meltdown it could have been very different.
    We were decidedly average against Everton who didn’t play well and were pitiful against Fulhams 10 men team.

    If we play like that today we will get reamed, we need to be realistic our top 3 position is not built on skill and tactics but luck and fortune.

    Our team needs changes to be competitive next year and early transfer deals that allow new players time to bond with the team, none of Wengers legendary transfer windows where he waits to the last day of the sale and buys what’s left.

    Good luck today team…

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