Familiar Signs Approaching- Gibbs, Ox, and Jenks try out Flying


The season’s curtains have drawn to a close and the familiar non-sense from the media has began. A week ago, it seemed as if Arsenal had a war chest of money to spend on new, top-class players. However, I am starting to get a feeling that this summer will be somewhat similar to previous summers (except that we don’t have any superstars to sell to our rivals.)

Fiorentina hit-man Jovetic

There are a few stories going on about Stevan Jovetic. A week ago, Arsenal had apparently made an offer to Fiorentina worth around £25m. Now it seems like he is all set to go to Juventus. Choose whatever story you want to believe, but I feel the latter is more likely. Arsene has never been one for spending lots of money, and I don’t think that would change too much, even if he does have money to spend this summer. Jovetic will most likely be more than £25m so I wouldn’t count on that one going through.

Another Arsenal transfer target, David Villa, is reportedly being linked to Sp*rs. Villa has not been the same player since his injury, having not been impressive this season at Barca. Barca might let him go for less than £15m,  if that is the case than I would expect Arsenal and Tottenham to go head to head to secure his signature.

If Arsene does have money to spend this summer, a top class striker should be his number one priority. We had the second best defence in the league this year, a stat that is almost unbelievable. The only thing that we are missing out on is the amount of firepower that we have. Don’t get me wrong, Giroud has had a good first season with the club. However, he is not clinical enough to be the main striker of a top club. He is more of a player that can come off the bench and grab a few goals, or be put in a rotation system. Anyways, Real have said that they would sell Higuain. I have always been a fan of Higuain, and even though a move to a big-money club seems more likely, I hope that Wenger pursues him.

Finally, a few Arsenal players have tested out their pilot skills. Not too surprising who had the most difficulty in the cockpit. See for yourself.

P.S.- I am planing on writing a lot more this Summer, so be prepared! Also, the colors of this blog have, from the beginning, been navy and gold so don’t get any Sp*rs impressions please!


5 thoughts on “Familiar Signs Approaching- Gibbs, Ox, and Jenks try out Flying

  1. Wenger should stop deceivin us about signin, he is mentionin all good players witout signin single one.

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