Spanish Winger Wants to Join – Possible Shock Transfer

So as another day comes, another transfer story mounts. One of the biggest rumors of today is regarding a former Arsenal player- Cesc Fabregas. The midfielder joined Barcelona only a couple of seasons ago and has done reasonably well. He has been transformed into a striker by Vilanova this season, a position where he never played in for Arsenal. Fabregas is being linked with a move to Man Utd since David Moyes is looking to enhance his midfield. The deal could be around £25m so if anything formal does occur, I expect that Arsenal will try to get their man back. If I remember correctly, Fabregas did state when he joined Barcelona that he would only move back to Arsenal, if were ever to leave Barca.

Fabregas putting Bale in his place.

Fabregas putting Bale in his place.

I’m sure that many Gunners fans will welcome Fabregas back with open arms. He didn’t leave on a sour note, he just wanted to be a winner with Barca. While I don’t agree with the move, I don’t hold anything personally against him like I do with Nasri and Van Persie.

Another transfer story of today features Levante winger Ruben Garcia. He has stated that he wants a move to Arsenal and his career is being worked on(whatever that means.) I don’t know too much about the guy. In fact, I only know that he is Spanish and plays for Levante. Typical Wenger signing? Probably. He could be a Pires or a Bischoff, we would just have to wait and see.

Vermaelen has also said that he wants to stay at Arsenal;

“I’m happy at Arsenal. I didn’t play much and that was frustrating, but things can turn around quickly,” Vermaelen told

“I was on the bench, but I could just as quickly be playing again. I’m working hard to make that happen.

“These are things that happen in professional football. Arsenal are a great club where there is a lot of competition.”

Vermaelen is right when he says that things can turn quickly. Look at what happened to Koscielny. He went from being a flop to being one of the best players of our season. Anyways, a move for Ashley Williams might be on the cards which will mean that we have four good defenders. Amazing how quickly things change in football, considering last season we had a Swiss cheese defence!

Fiorentina boss says Jovetic could leave this summer because he wants a “new challenge.” Fiorentina says that they want to try and make him happy so a move abroad may be on the cards. As far as I know, Arsenal and Juventus are  the only two chasing him, so a possible move may happen. Not sure about how possible it is though.

Finally, Arsenal teenager Anthony Jeffrey has made a statement about the way the club handles youth players.

“I was one of the strongest at Arsenal yet I am a weakling compared to the guys at Stevenage – I will certainly be fitter and stronger when I leave.”

This doesn’t surprise me too much, nor does it make me angry or feel like something is wrong. Look at Xavi and Messi. They have to stand on each others shoulders to reach Mertesacker. Yet they are two of the best players in the world. Football youngsters shouldn’t worry too much about how strong they are. They should worry about their abilities and then start working on the strength. That’s why Stevenage is in the league one and Arsenal is known for having one of the best youth systems in the world!

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4 thoughts on “Spanish Winger Wants to Join – Possible Shock Transfer

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  2. If barca accept a 25m bid for cesc then we are allowed to speak to him for 12.5m. Seeing as they still owe us 5m we could get cesc for 7.5m no winder wenger or cesc are not panicking. If we signed h for that amount the club could sign h and rooney whilst paying them both 200k a werk.

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