Freddie Ljungberg Becomes Club Ambassador- Gervinho is Staying Put- Video of Potential Arsenal Signing

Hello my fellow Gooners, hope you are all having a fantastic Friday. Let’s start the news off with an iconic player who has taken up an ambassadorial role with the club. It’s Freddie Ljungberg. Freddie will begin his new role at the club by promoting the tour in Asia next July, which includes the following countries: Indonesia, Vietnam, and Japan.

Ljungberg said: ‘I’m honoured to take on this ambassadorial role. The Club has a special place in my heart as everyone knows and I’m looking forward to helping the Club grow.’

Arsenal’s head of marketing, Charles Allen, said: ‘We are delighted that Freddie has agreed, in this ambassadorial role, to help us reach more of our passionate supporters around the globe. He is much loved by our fans and it’s great to have him back.’

Ljungberg is definitely a fans favorite and one of my favorites as well. Who can forget his goal against Chelsea in the FA Cup Final? Who can forget the days where he rocked out a red Mohawk? Yes… those were the days. Anyways, I hope that he has a successful time as club ambassador, and of course, I wish him all the best.

Next big thing?
Next big thing?

Gervinho has come out saying that he wants to honor out his contract which runs til 2015. Unfortunately for Gervinho, he doesn’t have the last say in these sorts of things. If Galatasary come in with a £10m bid, Wenger would accept it without a doubt. £10m for a player like him would be very good business indeed. Nothing against him personally but he is way too inconsistent and nowhere near clinical. Eboue is better at one on one’s with a blind fold on then he is.

Arsenal are expected to complete a deal to sign Aston Villa midfielder Dan Crowley sometime soon. He’s 15. Don’t expect any miracles from this kid, yet. From the video compilation I’ve seen of him though, he looks fairly talented. Check it out.

That’s about it for today fellow Gooners. Hope you have a good day.


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