Wanyama to Arsenal a Real Possibility

Arsenal have been heavily criticized over the past few years for their like of physical presence in the midfield. Ever since Vieira left, there has definitely been a whole in the midfield. Wenger has played Arteta in that role this season, and to some extent he has done well, but he has not been the physical presence we have been missing. One player who has a strong possibility of coming in is Victor Wanyama. Jean-Marie Abeels, a Belgian coach, said;

Wenger spoke to Celtic around a month ago and Victor’s father and his mother Mildred says he would prefer to go there before any other club. I will be speaking to his parents again in a week’s time and Victor also. But I already know that Arsenal have a big interest in the player. Everything can change in a minute. It takes just one phonecall. It’s all a bit of a show at the moment. It’s all a game. It’s all about money. But Victor wants to go to a club where he will play. He is still young and I have told him he needs to be careful about when he takes the really big step. I think myself that it’s better that he has a step in between before going to the really big level.

Celtic play nice football,’ he adds. But every competition is different and the English Premier League is the really big one. It’s just a question of what level Victor goes to.Van Persie went to Arsenal then moved on later to Manchester United. Victor can do the same if he goes to Arsenal. And I believe that is what he wants. He wants to go to Arsenal.

I think it would be magnificent if we can bring Wanyama to the Emirates this summer. He was impressive in the Champions League against Barcelona this season, scoring a goal against them at Celtic Park. My only argument against signing him would be the amount of midfielders we already have and may add to out squad this summer. He’s a versatile player though, as he can play centre back as well as a defensive midfielder.

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“Lionel who?”

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12 thoughts on “Wanyama to Arsenal a Real Possibility

  1. He view us as an feeder club, where he can come and stay for a few years and then leave for manchester or the likes.

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  3. Why that we like using mouth to sign players while he will not sign modern one player and mr wenger knows the player he will sign don’t just waste our time.

  4. wanyama is a very gud nd vasatile player i luv his strength nd confidence nd i tink arsenal will fit his style of play

  5. if he think arsenal is the stirs to climb man u ( he said rvp went arsenal and then moved on letter to man u and victor can do the same ) , we don’t need him
    but if he bleve arsenal I s big club we will sing him

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