Koscielny Gives Wenger a Wake-Up Call- Sagna Hints at Arsenal Stay- Higuain Speaks Arsenal

Hello my fellow Gooners, hope you are having a terrific Tuesday. There is a bit of news to report today so let’s get down to it. First up, Koscielny has broken some silence over his future. He has been linked to a move to Pep’s Bayern Munich.

“I feel good at Arsenal. I’ve just come to the end of a complicated season, especially the first six months, but it’s over now”, Koscielny told Eurosport.

“I want to win titles and I hope the club has the means. It deserves it. Does the club want to keep me? That question is also there.

“If the club has the means to compete with the best, I have no reason to leave. But if it fights every year for Champions League [qualification] it’s hard psychologically to be under such constant pressure.

“I do not want to go anywhere. Of course I want to know another championship, but it’s complicated.

“I want to lift trophies and to have a winning record. I hope the club will give me the means. If this weren’t the case, I’d look elsewhere.”

It sounds to me like Koscielny is the same as every other footballer that has left Arsenal. The club isn’t pushing to achieve the Premier League, only hoping to finish in the top four. There have been rumours this season of Wenger being able to strengthen his squad to finally make that final push towards the Premier League title. Whether or not Wenger signs players is another story. Let me rephrase that; whether Wenger signs top-class players.

I see no reason why Wenger would let Koscielny leave. He has been our stand out defender of the season by quite some distance (although Mertesacker has been remarkably consistent and solid.) If Koscielny does indeed go to Bayern, there will be no reason why the fans wouldn’t call out Wenger again. Selling our top players is not the way to take this club forward. It is so frustrating that the club is not making any strives to win the league. I just hope that media is right in saying that Wenger has £70m to spend this summer.

Another player that has been linked with a move out of Arsenal is right back Bacary Sagna.

“There are [talks], but I still haven’t extended my contract,” he told L’Equipe.

“I’m talking. I’m not at a bad club either. It’s possible [a return to France]. We’d have to see in which conditions and, in sporting terms, what they propose. I won’t go just anywhere.

“If I stay at Arsenal, I’ll try to have a good season, there’s the World Cup at the end of it. If I’m to leave, it’ll be a new challenge.”

It sounds to me like he might leave if a really good offer comes in but if not he is happy to stay at Arsenal. Obviously he wants to be playing at the World Cup, so a move away could hurt his chances as he would have to adjust to a new style of football. Sagna has been a solid defender for most of his time at Arsenal. He did have a poor season, but he has also finished in the team of the season twice. The quality is there but some people are questioning whether or not the commitment is there. I hope that he does stay one more season. If not, Wenger would have to buy a new right back. Currently, we have Jenks under him and Bellerin in the youth system who looks good to me.

Finally, one player who I am hoping for very much, Gonzalo Higuain, has broken silence about Arsenal.

Hey Arsenal!

“There have already been offers and I hope that Madrid do the best for me and themselves.

“Arsenal? They would suit me, I’m still young and I have goals.”

“There are many possibilities. I want to go to a league where I’ll be put to the test.”

Juventus are the only other club that are interested in him at the moment. Juve have signed Spanish striker Fernando Llorente already and will be looking to add to their ranks. For me, he is a must buy. He is only 25 and has scored 122 goals for Real Madrid. That is very impressive. Have him and Giroud battle it out at the top next season. We will surely grab a few more goals then we did last season.

That’s all for today. Have a terrific rest of your day.


4 thoughts on “Koscielny Gives Wenger a Wake-Up Call- Sagna Hints at Arsenal Stay- Higuain Speaks Arsenal

  1. Kos came from the French team Lorient, hardly a big hitting team. Everything he is at this point in time he still owes to Arsenal and Wenger. He shouldn’t get too big for his boots. He still scores own goals that are costly and I still would have a Tony Adams, Keown, Kolo or Sol if they were playing in the same era. I understand that players want to win things but if he starts engineering a move and courting interested parties then sell him. Fight for the badge or b#gger off. Big Tony would be kicking and dragging his team across the finish line, not giving the impression that the players around him are inferior and not capable. I’m sure the Verminator would raise his game.

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  3. Give Wenga the ultimatum to buy players in good time he likes buying a night before the close of business/the window.how would edge all you players who wants trophies to leave two weeks if all those good linked to arsenal haven’t come. By now we should have known which player is coming than all this fake stories. Force Wenga than going to the media

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