Only 3 to Leave?-Arsenal to Play City in August- Midfielder Agreed Terms with Arsenal

Hello and welcome to another day in the silly season. Like always, there are the rumours and facts that have to be reported so let’s get down to it. First off, Arsenal have officially announced that Arshavin, Denilson, and Squillaci are all going to leave the club this Summer. This is good as we are trying to clear the dead wood and stop paying high wages to players that don’t do anything. However, does this mean that we are going to keep Chamakh, Bendtner, Park, Djourou, and Santos? These are all players whose wages can definitely pay for a top class striker. Wenger has to do the sensible thing here and let them go. 

I am Gooner

It amazes me how many times Denilson(153) and Arshavin(144) actually played for the club, considering they were almost non-existent at the club for the past two seasons. I’ve never been a fan of Denilson. He may have made the most passes in a season, but that;s not saying much considering the person he passed the most to was Almunia. Arshavin was one of my favourite players at the club, 3 years ago. He was so unpredictable and had so much skill. His four goals at Anfield and his winner against Barcelona will never be forgotten. The less said about Squillaci the better.

Arsenal are also set to play Man City in Helsinki on August 10th. This game will conclude the pre-season schedule. 

Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis said: “We played Manchester City in the build up to the 2012/13 season in the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing and know that they will provide the team with a very competitive match as we finalise preparations for the 2013/14 domestic campaign.

“We have many passionate supporters in Finland, and it will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with them all in what will be our first-ever match in the country.”

The best news and worst news about this is that Arsenal will be playing again before the start of the season. I hate weekends when Arsenal aren’t playing, so this gives us a chance to watch the Gunners, with hopefully some new signings, to show what they can do against one of the best clubs in England. If you remember last year, Arsenal player City and lost 2-0 in Beijing. Let’s hope for an opposite score next time.

Finally, Roma midfielder Miralem Pjanic was very close to joining Arsenal back in the transfer window of 2011.

I had a number of offers at the time and I was set to join Arsenal.

I had agreed all of the conditions that had been put into place.

However, my father had given his word to Roma and therefore I opted to sign for the Giallorossi instead.

Had this transfer gone through, we probably wouldn’t have seen Arteta or Benayoun join the club. Pjanic currently plays for Roma and has scored 7 goals in 60 appearances for the club. Not prolific but you can’t judge a midfielder by the number of goals that he scores.

That’s all for today. Check out this post on Arseblog as something to brighten your day a little bit.


6 thoughts on “Only 3 to Leave?-Arsenal to Play City in August- Midfielder Agreed Terms with Arsenal

  1. The difference between these 3 and the other 5 you mention is that 2 of them sat tight took their wages and refused all moves that weren’t offering the same or more wages, whilst one has agreed to terminate his contract. But the other 5 are still in contract have not been approached by other clubs whilst arsenal busily sort out loan deals for them. We can only move them if they accept it. Do u suggest we pay them all their wages until the end of their contracts and let them go now? Financially that makes no sense at all. Let’s not forget you are talking about 5 current international players here. Their form is temporary but they never became internationals by always playing shite.

  2. but don’t for get that arteta has scored 6 goals and made more assists only this season and he plays defensive midfielder

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  4. Yeah seriously the author needs to listen to atid. He speaks sense. you can’t just let players go unless they agree to it or you pay out their contract and its simply not doing so even if it means a season long loan and paying half wages. It still saves vast amounts of money

  5. If the three unwanted players can bring us new signing that will be welcome by the board and supporters so be it .arsenal want a cup this season so Wenger wake up and do what is acceptable to all The fans are with you.

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