Arsene to Get New Deal- Partizan Deny Selling Striker

If there was ever any doubt of Wenger leaving in the next couple of seasons, that is set to be put to bed. Ivan Gazidis believes that Arsenal are about ready to announce that Wenger has signed a new contract, once every little issue is sorted out. Gazidis said:

“We have got a fantastic manager. We hope that he wants to do what he is doing for the long term. I believe he does.

Proof that Wenger has one trophies.

“Quietly and at the right time I think we will make an announcement on [a new deal] when things are put in place.”

“We have a great relationship and he has a great relationship with the board as well.

“We have got a lot of confidence in Arsene that he is the right person to take the club forward.

“We want to be a club that is competing at the very top end of the game and that means competing to win the Premier League and competing to win the Champions League.”

One quote that strikes me is when he says,”Quietly and at the right time.” Does this mean that they are going to wait for Arsene to win a trophy before they announce the new deal? That would definitely be the right time, however, that could be 25 years from now.

Obviously the board loves Wenger. And why shouldn’t they? Wenger has been able to achieve Champions League Qualification every season, even after selling all of our top players. He signs young players who he thinks may have potential, give them a chance, and turns them into top class professionals. He has spent so little money over the past eight years and sold so many players it is really unbelievable that he has been able to accomplish what he has done. Plus, with his history, the board have every reason to believe that he has the ability to win silverware.

I have many mixed feelings over Arsene getting a new contract. First of all, the big one, Wenger hasn’t won any silverware in the past 8 years. No manager of a top club would keep their job if they were on that sort of run. Can you imagine if Mourinho went on an eight year trophy drought? He would be sacked for sure. Next, Wenger doesn’t seem to show as much passion to win the league. I get the feeling that he starts every season hoping for a Champions League spot and that’s it. In order for the players to believe they can win the league, the manager has to believe. The manager has to be able to give the players confidence in every game, and not be afraid to tell them when they are playing poorly.  Lastly, Wenger has appeared to be reluctant to spend when he has to. This can be down to a number of reasons, but for the sake of the argument, I’ll say it’s because he gives to much belief to his young players and doesn’t want to spend to much on one player. There is nothing wrong with giving chances to young players (as Wenger does so often), but he has to remeber; kids aren’t going to win the league. They can get you into the top four, but they aren’t going to win the league for you. You have to have the right balance between experience and quality.

Wenger may be victim to some of this negativity, but let’s not forget why he is manager in the first place. First off, Wenger is a real Special One. I’m not just talking about his past. This season, we had every right to celebrate fourth I believe. Is it sad that we are finishing fourth? Yes, considering we should be competing for first every season. However, there is absolutely no reason why we should have finished fourth. We were so far behind Tottenham and Chelseas it is unbelievable to think that on the final day of the season we could have finished in 3rd. This all comes down to Wenger’s style of managing in the latter stages of the season. He admitted to himself that the squad that he has isn’t going to win by trying to play like the Invincibles. So, we played some ugly football and starting to get the results. I would much rather win the league ugly then finish second-fourth playing some beautiful football. At the beginning of last season, I may have been gone for the latter option, but my whole perspective of football has changed. It could have started when I saw Bayern beat Barca by playing neat, organized football, or by watching Arsenal beat Bayern by playing so solidly defensively. Either way, Wenger has realized that a strong defence will win games. As I said earlier, his transfer market skills aren’t great but that can be down to a number of reasons. I think he does well for what he is given. The board doesn’t want Arsene to spend like Abramovich, even if they have money to spare. They take a conservative look at every situation, and do what is best for the club. I just hope that this season marks that we are able to compete for the best in the world.

My final conclusion is that Wenger is a great manager and probably deserves a new contract. I am not saying that he has been great these past few years, I am simply saying that he has shown what he can do with little resources. Imagine if he spends some real money this Summer. I already believe that this squad can compete for first, but if Wenger signs 2-3 world class players, I can only imagine what we can accomplish as a team.

In other news, Partizan Belgrade say that they are not planning on selling Alexsandar Mitrovic.

“I heard that business is already done. I would like to deny this rumours. There is contact between us but nothing else,” Mitrovic said.

Partizan Belgrade president Dragan Duric had a bit of a stronger approach on the matter.

“There is not a fraction of a per cent chance that we will sell Mitrovic this summer,” Duric said.

“I have heard this and I think it is time to put an end to this story. Our only option for this summer is to let Marko Scepovic go abroad.

We will have to wait and see to find out the truth behind this story. He looks like he may have some potential, so he could possibly be a good buy. Let’s hope that if he does come, he will be the first of many players.

That’s all from me today, have a tremendous thursday.


3 thoughts on “Arsene to Get New Deal- Partizan Deny Selling Striker

  1. Lies. Djuric is a piece of shit, and will sell even his own mother for cash. He will sell Mitrovic this summer, then get him back on a season long loan, and lie to the fans how he is not leaving.

  2. I see so many people saying we need 2-3 world class players. But who is world class and who is available? Also in what positions would these world class players play. On current form and favouritism I would say this is wengers best x1
    Sagna mertesacker koscielny gibbs
    Arteta ramsey
    Walcott wilshire cazorla

    So I guess that people are thinking szczesney ramsey and giroud would make way for the world class players. So who are the world class keeper defensive midfielder and centre forward? Also how would that affect those players currently known as the back up

    Jenkinson djourou vermaelen monreal
    Coquelin diaby
    Chamberlain rosicky podolski

    Well I guess that would mean fabianski diaby (or coquelin when he diaby is fit) and gervinho becoming 3rd choice. Ok so I am warming to the idea. If we could add another right back and a centre back to improve upon jenkinson and djourou whilst loaning those 2 out we might then be able to challenge. So who are the 3 world class players and who are the squad defenders required or would they need to be world class as well?

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