Higuain, Rooney, Fabregas, Fellaini- At Least One Will Sign (Hopefully)

Hello and welcome to a quick Saturday news round up. There hasn’t been much news in the world of football since that Gazidis interview. Plenty of talk and speculation, most of it is probably nonsense. Anyways, it is nice to hear Arsenal being linked with real players for a change. Last season, you would hear, “Arsenal linked with 16-year old Ghanaian Tours striker!” This year, we have some real players who actually have a chance of joining us.

The club needs to spend big on one-three players. Although, I still feel like we have improved greatly over the past few months, just by changing our style of play. Instead of Wenger trying to get the team to play like the invicibles, he is now trying to get them to play to win. A big part of that comes down to having a strong defence, something that we have managed to acquire over the past season (Arsenal had the second best defence in the league last season!) I genuinely feel that the club can compete for the title next season, but we still have some empty spots that we need to be filled.

One player who would be a terrific signing, in my opinion, is Maroune Fellaini. He has just about everything we’ve been looking for, for a number of years now. One aspect of him that I highly admire is his determination to win. He’s not a player who goes out to play football, he’s a player that goes out for war. He has an average of a yellow card every 3.8 games, not bad considering Lee Bowyer (the player with most yellows in Premier League history), only managed a yellow every four games. Fellaini is also versatile, being able to play anywhere in the midfield, although I expect that if he were to come to Arsenal, he would play where Arteta is right now. At £22m, he wouldn’t put too big of a dent into Arsenal’s £70m transfer kitty.

Arsenal have also been linked to a number of other players: Rooney, Fabregas, Higuain, Jovetic, Ashley Williams, and more. It’s pretty obvious that Arsenal need to sign a striker (at least someone who can score 20+ goals a season.) Reports last night suggested that Higuain is on the verge of joining. Considering that these reports came from a restaurant in Colombia make the story a little bit less accurate. Higuain would be a great signing for the club. His conversion rate with no penalties for the past two season are 43% and 32%. The average Premier League striker’s conversion rate stands at just 16%!

The ugliest creature of all time.

The dilemma over the striker situation is currently a case of who is better: Higuain or Rooney? One thing that I like about Rooney is how hard he tries. He may not score as many goals as he used to, but I think that that comes down to where he plays. Usually, Rooney is given the freedom to roam the pitch. He isn’t going to just stay at the top of the box and wait for a ball to come his way. He receives possession in midfield and tries to make something happen. I respect him for that. Plus, he has Premier League experience, and he we know that he can score goals, even when he isn’t playing well.

Fabregas has also been linked with a move to Arsenal or Man Utd. He would apparently cost £40m if he went to Utd, but only £20m if he came back to Arsenal because of some buy-back clause in his contract. I would happily accept Fabregas back. Not that I see it happening, but it would just be great to see him in the red and white again. Fabregas is apparently not happy because he isn’t getting enough playing time, even though he played in 31 league games for Barca last season. Plus, his chances are going to be limited this year because of an aging Barcelona squad. Seriously though, imagine a midfield of Fellaini, Wilshere, Fabregas, and Cazorla. That would just be beautiful.

That’s all for today, have a fantastic rest of your day.


4 thoughts on “Higuain, Rooney, Fabregas, Fellaini- At Least One Will Sign (Hopefully)

  1. I think we should just forget about Rooney and Fabregas, i prefer wenger should go for Fellaini and Higuain.

  2. Please for christ sake we need our captain back, It ‘ll be a shame on Gooner’s if Man. U steal Fabregas from us, we ‘ll become a laughing stock again especially after RVP episode, Whatever it ‘ll cost to bring him back, let the board put head together and do it, our chairman said we ‘ve enough resources to go for any player now, i quess he ment every word he spoke that YES WE CAN compete at any level at the market, neverthelessi hold our chairman on highest esteem. Finally we still need Higuian, Fellani

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