All Quiet On the Transfer Front

Not much news too report today. The Daily Mail has posted their daily shambolic report of the day, by exclusively reporting that Higuain, Gundogan, and Bender are all going to join Arsenal. If any of them happen to come to Arsenal, you will hear Daily Mail saying, “You heard it here first!”

These are some pretty good players, but considering we’ve just been linked with them out of the blue shows that this is just paper talk.  I would be happy to take any one of them, but Dortmund and Leverkusen are unlikely to get rid of more star men.

World Class striker Nicklas Bendtner says that there are six clubs chasing him, and he is going to join one of them in the following weeks. Can’t really say that I care what Bendtner does with his career, as he has pretty much already wasted up his talent with the amount of gum he chews. You can see why Bendtner was given a chance at Arsenal. He’s confident, tall, and tall, which means that he can head the ball. Except for one thing, he can’t really head the ball. Still, he came up with some vital goals for Arsenal a couple of seasons ago. I’m not really sorry to see him go, so I’m just going to say hasta la vista!

There are some rumors speculating that Fabianski may be going to Besiktas. He had a good couple of games at Arsenal this season, but unfortunately for him, he has been unlucky with injuries and will always be remembered for coming out of the box when their’s no need to (Chelsea FA Cup Semi Final.) All the best in the future if you do decide to leave.

Finally, I leave you with an image of Fellaini in an Arsenal shirt. Let’s hope this is going to be a real sight in the future.

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