Monday News Round Up

Just a quick news round up today, as I am having to update with my mobile device. Let’s start with the news regarding Higuain. Juventus apparently met Real Madrid yesterday to discuss a possible deal. It looks like a transfer to Juventus is likely, unless Arsenal tries a bit harder to get their man. Higuain will be a great transfer so I hope that it goes through.

In other news, the Arsenal Supporters Trust meeting is today. Gazidis is going to give an update on Arsenal’s transfer market situation. I’m optimistic over what he is going to say, but I’m hoping for a situation like this; Gazidis walks in with Higuain, Rooney, Fabregas, and Fellaini. He then says, “Any questions?” and walks away.

Of course that is not going to happen but it is good to be positive. That’s all for today from me. Hope to give a longer more in depth post for tomorrow.


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