Peter Hill-Wood Steps Down- Talented Youngster Linked- Gervinho to Leave?

Hello my fellow Gooners, sorry for not updating for the last couple of days, but in all honesty, nothing has happened. The big news of today regards Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood. The 77-year old has decided to step down as Arsenal chairman following health issues. He will be replaced by Sir Chips Keswick, who is at a much younger age, 73.

It was widely expected that Peter Hill Wood would leave the club. The media suggested it a few weeks ago, and people began to think who would be the best person to step into his place. Many people believed that it would be someone younger, like Bob Wilson. It isn’t a shock though, that the person who has come in is a well respected business man. Here’s what Kroenke had to say over the appointment:

“I am delighted that Sir Chips has agreed to become chairman. He has a well respected track record in business and he will provide further direction and support in our ambition to compete at the top of the game here and in Europe and to win trophies.”

My only hopes for him are that he is an ambitious owner who is willing to put the club first. We need somebody who will get with Gazidis and talk about how we need to improve in order to win the Premier League, not how to save the most money. Sir Chips said of his appointment:

“Firstly, I am sad to see Peter standing down due to his health and we all hope he continues well in his recovery. The Hill-Wood family has made an extraordinary contribution to Arsenal over many decades. They have been central to the Club’s many achievements during this time.

“I am greatly honoured to have been appointed chairman of Arsenal Football Club. This is one of the great clubs in the game, recognised and loved by millions. I am looking forward to leading the Club to future success.”

In other news, Arsenal have been linked to Stephan El Shaarawy. The 20 year old scored 16 goals in 37 appearances last season for Milan, and is well followed by Arsene Wenger. El Shaarawy is quick at his feet, and has outstanding dribbling ability and technical skill. I’m sure that Gooners from all across the world will be delighted if he were to join.

Finally, Gervinho could be on his way out of the club. It is reported that French club Marseille are interested in acquiring his services. There is no reason in hell why anybody would want Gervinho in their team, unless it is to scare little children with his unique getup or to sell advertising space on his forehead. Whatever business we can do with Marseille, we have to do it before they come to their senses and watch his highlights from last season.

That’s all for today, have a fantastic Friday.


2 thoughts on “Peter Hill-Wood Steps Down- Talented Youngster Linked- Gervinho to Leave?

  1. Really sad to see Mr Hill-Wood take a bow at this moment,however,I recognise that he had given plenty to Arsenal over the years,could it be that his heart problem came with the predictable and steady decline of Arsenal over the last couple of years?I really don’t know but I wish him the very best of recovery,he is a good man,a jolly good fellow,a strong lover of Arsenal and the beautiful game.However,Mr Chips,welcome on board.I must however warn you to expect no favours from Arsenal fans the world over,if with the over 70million pounds transfer war chest purportedly given to Wenger is not utilised on quality players and the team do not win the European Champion League,the EPL nor the FA cup. Anything less is unacceptable.

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