Santos Disappointed to Be at Arsenal- Wenger Starts Contract Talks

Not much going on in the world of football at the moment, so just a quick post today. The Confederations Cup is set to start tonight with Brazil v Japan, and their is the usual prattling coming from the media.

Let’s begin the news today with some words from everybody’s favourite player, Andre Santos:

My loan deal is over. It was six months long and now I am returning. Gremio had an agreement with Arsenal and I have to return.

I wanted to stay. Gremio were fair regarding everything. I felt well there and I wanted to win a title before leaving.

Unfortunately there is no deal and I had to return to Arsenal.

Just about every Arsenal fan in the world is in agreement with you Andre. Unfortunately, their wasn’t a deal with Gremio that could be agreed, maybe because your skills in football are lacking. You might feel a little bit sorry for Santos, though. He hasn’t been a good player, he hasn’t understood the laws of football (Van Persie Incident), but he hasn’t been ungrateful to Arsenal, until now. Leaving will be for the better, as we have two good left-backs in Gibbs and Monreal.

There are reports today that Arsene Wenger may have began talks over his new contract. If you remember, Gazidis said they would announce it when the time is right. Could this mean that something big is coming to Arsenal? Probably not, but it could still mean that!

Many people have their opinions on whether Arsene is still the manager he was ten years ago. I think that the competition in the Premier League has become fierce, and with all the departing players and lack of funds to spend, Wenger has had to accept that they aren’t going to compete at the top every season. He has done a remarkable job in retaining Champions League every season, as he has had to deal with dwindling squads every year. With the right resources available, I am confident that he can bring the club back to the top, where the club belongs.

Have a great rest of your day.


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