Koscielny to Barca or Bayern Confirmed- Higuain More Likely to Join

There is an old phrase saying no news is good news. This may not be the case when it comes down to Arsenal’s lack of transfers this Summer. A couple of weeks ago, fans were going crazy with all these new signings that are getting ready to come in: Fellaini, Rooney, Higuain, and even Fabregas.

All of these stories have died down remarkably, as the transfer window gets set to open. Yes, there are still the occasional rumors on twitter going on (like Rooney being spotted at the Emirates), but there is has been no official news so far this Summer. We all keep hoping that we can get our transfer business done quickly and as soon as possible. I remember reading somewhere where Gazidis said that he would like to get the transfer business done early, yet there are no signs of that coming.

One story that I can report to you today is that Laurent Koscielny to Barca or Bayern is not jabber. Koscielny’s agent, Stephane Courbois, has officially confirmed that Laurent is both wanted by Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

‘I know that Laurent is part of a shortlist of three or four players for both clubs.’- Courbois

I have a feeling that if one of these clubs were to come in with a concrete bid for him, he will ask for a transfer. Arsene has no right to sell him. He is literally one that Wenger has made from being nothing to one of the best. Some of his performances last season were astounding: Bayern and Newcastle away are two that come to mind. However, Koscielny did state earlier that he wanted to win things, suggesting that a move to one of Europe’s Elite is something he will push on for.

If Koscielny does leave, it will be no worse than when Van Persie left. Wenger took him out of a mediocre French club, started him in the Premier League, and turned him into what he is today. He wouldn’t have gotten any of the plaudits last season if it weren’t for Wenger deciding to give him a chance. You can’t just have three months of good football and then decide that you are better than the rest of the team and need to leave to Barca. That’s sort of what happened to Song; someone who has done extremely well at Barcelona.

Finally, Higuain looks like the more likely candidate to join the Arsenal striking force. Arsenal are reported to have made contact with Real Madrid over the transfer of Higuain. Other reports suggest that Arsenal are just waiting for Ancelotti to be named manager of Real Madrid before making an official bid. Either way, Arsenal are very interested in signing him.

That’s all for today, have a super Sunday.


8 thoughts on “Koscielny to Barca or Bayern Confirmed- Higuain More Likely to Join

  1. I won’t forgive Wenger if he sell Koscielny. He is under a contract till he is 32 years old. There is no reason to sell him. We are not in a serious financial problem FFS. We are not desperate to sell any player. If those clubs really want him they should be told to spend 40 million.
    If Koscielny wants to go from Arsenal, Wenger should keep him on the bench and tell him to shut up..If we allow him to leave this trend will continue and other players will be trying to force the move.

  2. Koscielny shld stay, lets sign higuian and rooney( he will help us When we face huge defenders) then fellaine and williams= EPL

  3. “That’s sort of what happened to Song; someone who has done extremely well at Barcelona”

    What are you smoking mate???????????????

  4. I’m afraid all the power is now with the players – contracts are worth nothing, if a player want to leave he will eventually go, to tell u the truth i think Koscielny has a bloody cheek (if it true) that he want out – he cost us a trophy with his foolish mix up with Szechny in the League cup, but then again Arsene has stated in the pass he make stars so it would not surprise me if Arsenal sell and made a profit as it is usually their nature to do so.

  5. kolsciney shuld pls stay.an arsene wenger shuld get us goza,felalin,williams nd nani or gud winger if gevinho appens 2 go.ok! 4 trophy sake since they claim we hav d money.pls!! Arsene wenger

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