Higuain Deal Gains Momentum- Man Utd Player Linked

You don’t usually come into Mondays and expect to find any new football stories. Most of that is saved for the end of the week. For example, Arsenal usually always announce their signings on Friday. However, with the lack of news going on in the football transfer window, there are journalists and newspapers desperate to get a story, so they usually just make one up for themselves.

One transfer rumor I hope they aren’t making up is that of Higuain’s imminent move to the club. Apparently, Juventus have dropped out of the race after Arsenal made a substantially higher bid. Juventus are also said to be preferring the signings of Jovetic and Tevez to link up with Fernando Llorente. Juventus have a funny way with dealing with transfers. I remember last season when the Summer transfer window was coming to a close, Juventus went out desperately to find a new top class striker. Instead, they couldn’t find anybody and got Bendtner instead.

Tacchinardi told Sky Sport Italia: ‘I will not say that Bendtner is a bad player, but he does not help improve Juventus either.

‘He is not the player that helps them make the step up in quality. I will not deny that he is a decent striker, but I would have preferred to see a different attacker join Juventus.’

This is pretty much saying that they were looking for a real striker, but instead got the greatest striker that ever lived, Nicklas Bendtner. He ended up having an awful season at Juventus and is now set to leave the club to join one of five teams interested in signing him.

Anyways, Juventus seemed like the only other concrete club going for Higuain. Does that make us favourites to sign him? I hope very much so. He is the type of player that we need and have been missing dearly last season. Not saying that Giroud is a bad player, but he isn’t clinical enough to be the main striker at a top club. If Wenger actually wanted us to compete for the Premier League next season, he should do everything in his power to try and sign him. That being said, it will take time for Higuain to settle into the Premier League. I think he will need a season to adjust to the physicality of the Premier Leauge, as La Liga is nowhere near as physically demanding to play in.

In other news, Nani is linked with joining Arsenal. Nani was Man Utd’s worst player last season, so of course Utd would want to sell him to Arsenal. If I were Wenger, I would stay as far away from that deal as possible. Nani isn’t a bad player, but he isn’t good either. He’s good at scoring great goals, and that’s about it. It would be hard to see Wenger going for him anyways, as we have Oxlade-Chamberlain, Podolski, and Cazorla that can play on the left wing.

That’s all for today, have a great rest of your day.


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