Sanogo an Arsenal Player?- Higuain Rumours Spark Off- Spanish Under 21 Player Linked

Hello fellow Gooners, we start off today by giving an update on the current situation regarding Yaya Sanogo. Sanogo is the 20 year old French striker who has all but signed for Arsenal. Today, he broke silence over his move to the club:

“I told my agent the choice would be made between these two clubs. Lille’s coach Rudi Garcia called me all the time. I hesitated a lot.

“Gilles Grimandi  came to see me from time to time at Auxerre too. One day he called me for a meeting in a Paris hotel and Arsene Wenger was there. I was very impressed.

“Wenger told me I would get opportunities and reassured me about my injury. He told me he had followed me for years. That meeting was very important and today I am an Arsenal player.

“It will be an amazing adventure. I am just eager to start in one of the best leagues in the world. It is a dream that has come true.”

Once again, a young player has joined simply because of Wenger’s attention to them. Wenger is known for making players feel special, no matter how old they are. Henry was once talking about how Wenger treated him and talked to him like he was a star player at Monaco, even though he was only 16 years old. Aaron Ramsey is another who said that Wenger’s influence caused him to join Arsenal, instead of Man Utd.

I would be surprised to see Sanogo start much next season. He’s only 20 and has had a fair share of injuries already. Still, the boy has a lot of potential, having scored quite a few goals for Auxerre and the youth French side. There has been talk that he isn’t going to go out on loan next season, so he could well have a chance in the first team. His game time may solely depend on what Wenger does in the transfer market this Summer.

One player who many people would like to see join is Gonzalo Higuain. The Dail Mail seems to be pretty confident that Arsenal have made a large bid for Higuain that Real Madrid have accepted, and that he could join by the end of the week. While we all wish this is true, it is hard to believe that any such thing can happen. If he is going to sign, it will probably be sometime in July, not now. 

Another player who the Daily Mail have linked us with is Asier Illarramendi. I’m not too familiar with him, as I haven’t watched any of the under 21 European Championship, nor did I watch any games featuring Real Sociedad last season. All I know is that he has been good all season and attracted attention from Real Madrid. It seems like he can be a good signing, but I also don’t know the truth behind the story either. For once I hope that the Daily Mail is right.

That’s all for today. Have a fantastic rest of your day.


7 thoughts on “Sanogo an Arsenal Player?- Higuain Rumours Spark Off- Spanish Under 21 Player Linked

  1. I will be happy if wenger add the madrid star to the squad.and the illarame guy will be guy so as to help arteta too

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