Fixtures Announced- Gervinho Gives Hint Over Leaving?- Bendtner Strikes Again

Not much going on today in terms of transfers, but in terms of fixture lists, there is something going on today. The Premier League fixture list was shown today, you can see the full thing here if you haven’t already. Arsenal have Aston Villa at home on the first day of the season, contrary to reports suggesting we were going to have Southampton at home. Any opening day home game is a positive as you have a larger chance to start the season well, something that Arsenal have failed to do for the last few seasons.

The month of mayhem is without a doubt going to be March. We start at Stoke, play Swansea at home, go to White Hart Lane, go to Stamford Bridge, and then come back to the Emirates to play Manchester City.  After that, Arsenal go away to Liverpool to face Everton, before finishing a relatively easy last five games to the season, playing the following: West Ham (h), Hull (a), Newcastle (h), West Brom (h), Norwich (a).

The Christmas period is a vital time in the season, and Arsenal’s fixtures don’t favour them doing too well. We play Chelsea, go to West Ham on Boxing Day, play in Newcastle two days later, and then come back to face Cardiff City at the Emirates. Two away games in the space of two days will be tricky, especially since one is on the other side of the country.

In other news, Gervinho said this:

If I want to leave, people will want me.

Marseille is one of the leading French clubs and I have a good relationship with some people there.

I cannot say yes or no but it is always flattering for a player to know that there are a lot of clubs who want him.

Gervinho certainly thinks of himself as a little bit better than he really is. He should change his first words to, “People want me to leave”, instead of, “if I want to leave.”  Wenger should cash in on him without whatever bid he gets for him. Frankly, we paid about £11m too much for him in my opinion. He has shown glimpses that he may be a professional footballer, but those glimpses come few and far between.

Bendtner has shown his class with this tweet on twitter:

Surely the best player in the world doesn’t do drugs and drink? That would be preposterous now, wouldn’t it? Anyways, Bendtner’s career is going nowhere. There have been talks in the media that Frnakfurt want him. I remember a couple of years ago when some people were saying that he was going to be a 20 goal a season striker. His decline could have been down to many reasons but I think it is because of his cockiness. Whenever he missed from two yards (which happened quite a bit) he would just stand there, chewing his invisible gum. If he tried harder to become a great striker, than without a doubt he would be in the Arsenal set up right now. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and now he’s out partying with Snoop Dog.


2 thoughts on “Fixtures Announced- Gervinho Gives Hint Over Leaving?- Bendtner Strikes Again

  1. The last twenty second-leg vs Champions league champions, and the last twenty vs swansea show clearly that this stuff bout Gervinho is TOO QUICK. Like I said before – imagine yourself as a full-back against Gervinho and then tell me what you’re gunna do about it…

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